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Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror


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Gameplay Controls

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Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror
Directional Button
Tap Left for Goggles On/Off. Tap Right for Fire Mode Selection.
Left Analog Stick
Up/Down = Move Forward/Backward. Left/Right = Strafe Left/Right.
Right Analog Stick
Aim. Rotate.
X Button
Crouch. Tap to Toggle.
Square Button
Issue Command
Triangle Button
Interact. Climb.
L1 Button
Manual Aim (Hold and Use Left Analog Stick)
R1 Button
Fire Weapon. Melee Attack.
R2 Button
Start Button
Open Pause Menu
Snap to Surface
Move Against Surface, Release, then Press Left Analog Stick Again.
Weapon Select
Gadget Select
Zoom In/Out (With Scoped Weapon)
Hold L1 Button and Tap Directional Buttons Up or Down