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Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror


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ONE of the best PSP games thus far!!

posted by Sleezebag (DELAWARE, OH) May 29, 2006

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GAMPLAY: The gamplay in SF:DM can be simply put as.. awsome.. stupendous.. magnificent... pick one.... or pick em' all! U get TONS of weapons, awsome gadgets, and its just really really fun to slice your opponents neck open or to electrocute them untill they catch aflame! You can really come at the battles ANY way u want. U can be stealthy, u can be aggressive or u can just take cover and kill your opponents with headshots! Its really really amazing and fun!
STORY: The story in SF:DM is pretty good too. The plot is slowely revealed and u will ALWAYS want to know what led to what through the WHOLE game!
GRAPHICS & DESIGN: The graphics in SF:DM are some of the best ive seen on the PSP. The lighting and the detail in everything looks fantastic! I was really impressed with the graphics! The ONLY thing i didnt like about the game was that the environments where really small and lenier. That may be good for some but bad for others who enjoy more exploration.
OVERALL: One of the best PSP games ive ever played! I think u will enjoy it as well.
RATING: 9.9/10

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Just Plain Fun

posted by Scrybe74 (VENTURA, CA) Jun 15, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

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I am, what most would describe as, a casual gamer. I'm 32 and have been playing video games since I was maybe 5 or 6 (atari 2600 anyone?). I have such a busy schedule that it just doesn't work for me to sit and play games hours at a time everyday. Just can't do it. It was one of the reasons that I decided on the PSP. I wanted to play awesome games but in bite sized chunks...not too difficult with a huge learning curve but challenging enough to keep me interested. I don't want a game that I have to invest hours at a time before I get the feel for it and the fun....I want it now. I say this so you understand who's speaking and where my opinions come from.

This game totally rocks the house. I haven't actually FINISHED a game since the early 90's. I usually get too bored or too frustrated. I don't want to be a specialist. I don't want to be the best. I just want to have a good time and move on. Kinda like casual dating. Syphon Filter did it for me. I played maybe 30-45 minutes a day on average for a little over 2 weeks and finished the game. I couldn't stop playing the thing! Great story! Great graphics! Great action! It makes you think but not too hard. It's just really fun! After I finished the game it actually left me wanting more. For the first time in my gaming life I'm actually looking forward to the next installment of a game. I mailed the game back but I'll probably end up buying it just to try the multiplayer and the other features on the disk.

I highly recommend this game for the casual gamer who doesn't have time to make gaming a priority. You'll definitely get your fix!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Dark Mirror, Very Bright Game.

posted by MrNiceGuy (WADMALAW ISLAND, SC) Jul 23, 2006

Member since Nov 2005

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Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror offers a very good game that includes good stealth and great action. You control the life of Gabe Logan as you investigate nuclear terrorist attacks. I found the story to be very average and extremely short (7 or 8 episodes with usually 3 sub-levels), but the way the game presents it makes up for it and much more. There are plenty of cheesy 1 liners and speeches between the characters but it makes the game flow better than having a super intense and deep storyline. The action in the game is probably the best part of the game. There is plenty of stealth and super intense action throughout and the multiplayer isn't lacking any fun. The controls are not that bad either, using the joystick to move and the buttons for aiming, with the trigger buttons for locking on if you can't take your time to aim, but it's pretty difficult if you get overwhelmed by the constantly pushing AI. The game features plenty of weaponry and gadgets for your disposal. you have all kinds of gadgets like NV and IR goggles, and also a very useful EDSU goggles which show you anything in the map that is interactive and dangerous like mines. There are not too many bad spots in the game, but the short, average story is a little sore spot. But my biggest pain in the game is that the guns sound weak and many sound exactly the same and it really irritated me, probably because there wasn't too much other than that to complain about.

Overall, the game is very well done and a good addition to any psp gamer' s library that everyone, whether a action fan or not, should definitely check out.

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