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Above Average

Could have been great...

posted by sheashea32 (ARDMORE, TN) Jun 22, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

At its core, its a decent fps. It has great graphics and detail as well as good level design and concept design. This is complemented by a great voice cast and reasonable play quality. However, it lacks any decent storytelling and is in most regards just another shooter from E.A. The game system and effects are innovative, but sparse adn otherwise lacking. If you love shooters, this is worth a look.But, if you like futurist fiction, play deus ex: human revolution instead. All and all this is worth renting, but I wouldn't remotely recomend spending money on owning it.In the end, its another E.A. drop of nothing special.

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GF Rating


This game will tick you off

posted by alin0s (PALATINE, IL) Jun 22, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

Syndicate is an action first person shooter game. First one I have reviewed and played since Half Life 2. This is very reminiscent of HL2 but this is just… worse. Health is a plenty, you recharge your own health through your DART chip. The DART Overlay lets you see through walls and if you saw an enemy and ran to take cover you can see right through walls al' a thermal vision to see where the bugger is. Health recharge is not fast enough at all to make productive play possible

At the end of each mission it provides you SUPER detailed statistics, you statistics nerds like me will LOVE this game.

One minor UI upset is that the font is very small on my 42" 1080p screen so reading info and stuff is a pain even with my glasses at -4.75 diopter it's like i need -6.75 diopter to see the font easily, junk UI!

Controls. Sprinting is weird, hold down L3 to sprint? what? really? thats bull!!! the first sprint jump will have you jumping, and jumping, and failing, and failing, and loading, and loading.

I got to the train station and theres this one boss, the first freaking boss is impossible to beat. Therefore this game gets a garbage bin score, the gore and separation of limbs that was promised is not there. Australia banned this game for no good reason citing that it's too corey, more like its too junk to be in such a country!

Graphics are pretty poor for a PS3 game. I expect lifelike visuals not playstation 2 enhanced graphics, ill give this game a 7

Gameplay is a 6, theres tutorials sure but it doesn't tell you how to get headshots you have to READ all of that in the stupid mission guide system, which as shown with the UI pitfall above its bad.

Frustration 8 This game will tick you off

All in all, I recommend renting it if your a hardcore FPS fan but if you are a light FPS player, forget it. You will be slamming this disc back in the mailer as fast as it came! I don't think this one is really worthy of a spot in a PS3 library for its dismal graphics.

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GF Rating



posted by bigbadbear (BESSEMER, AL) Jun 10, 2012

Member since Aug 2007

Now this game is really easy and not so hard to follow. I played through for the first time on easy and completed the game in 6 hours. Not to bad gane to play and with the enhancements that are bought through the game make it a lot of just plain fun. This is a definate buy for anyone.

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