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Cool concept, poor execution

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Mar 16, 2012

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Syndicate is a re-boot off an old futuristic PC game (I think), but for me it looked like the new Deus Ex game, minus all of the stealth elements. There is a good campaign and 6 levels of 4P co-op.

The year is 2065, where almost everyone has a chip implanted in their brains. The 2 large corps who make these chips control it all. You are a special agent who works for a corp., with a unique chip that allows you to control other chips, along with having a ton of superhuman like powers.

The concept is really cool, especially when you get to stick this device in some dude's head to extract their chip and steal its powers to upgrade your own. You get to see the device's wires squirm through their brain and rip out the chip... it is sweet. Otherwise Syndicate is a First-Person Shooter with all the bells and whistles including super powers and boss battles.

Half the game you'll press RB to enter a mode called DART-Overlay. It's like Batman's sonar mode, where time slows down a bit and it all looks a diff color. Certain things that you can hack into (known as Breaching) are highlighted blue and exploders/enemies are colored red. You've seen this in a million other shooters before.

You also have 3 unique Breaching moves, used with the D-pad, and they are Suicide, Backfire, and Persuasion. When meters fill you can use Suicide to hack your enemy's chip and force him to shoot himself in the head. Use Backfire to make the guy's gun backfire and stun him. Or persuade your enemy to fight on your side and kill his own men.

These 3 breaching moves make the solo campaign good and there is also online 4P co-op. Co-op can be fun and you can create/join your own Syndicate. But little things like making me button mash X 100 times to open dumb little doors just bug me. And having a bland talkless character with no personality is also depressing. Aside from that, it's a challenging FPS that I would recommend to rent.

Milt Drucker

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Extremely Fun!

posted by insightchapter (HERRIMAN, UT) Mar 10, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

Its definately a different approach, but honestly if you like Deus Ex this game is for you, if you like first person shooters and just want to take some time away from BF3 or MW3 then check it out, it will put a smile on your face.

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posted by madkat713 (BLUFFTON, SC) Mar 8, 2012

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I gave this a one. I played it for half an hour and it's all inverted but when you change it on the controls it only allows it to change left and right, not up and down. I don't like inverted and will not play a game that forces me too, this game sucks.

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