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Nice painting! Oh, it's a game?

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Jun 11, 2007

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Syberia is the kind of game that tries to be Myst, but more accessible. Unfortunately, while the game has more personality than classic puzzle adventures, it doesn't have the puzzles or adventure. That is a problem. The story revolves around a legal-type named Kate Walker who is overseeing the takeover of a toy company that specializes in automatons. She comes to Valadilene where she learns her seemingly easy task will be much more complicated, forcing her to travel to a bunch of places to track down Hans Voralberg so he can sign the company over. Syberia has some good things going for it, primarily the visuals. Each screen looks like a lush painting, making the world seem vivid and alive. It also has people and machines, making the world feel alive. Problem is none of them are particularly interesting. Kate seems like she just wants to go home most of the time and her biggest conversations come from people nagging her on the cell phone, oblivious that she's in a foreign country and thus unable to deal with their petty problems. The backgrounds, while beautiful, are static and maneuvering through them might seem awkward. Kate herself has this "Tomb Raider" twitch action going on while she walks. And there will be a lot of walking while you listen to the one footstep sound. Oh sure, Kate can run, but it's more of a brisk jog. The puzzles are pretty much jogging to one place to pick something up so you can jog somewhere else and grab another item, etc. Between every screen, there's a pause where everything stops. This isn't Halo, the game engine should be able to handle scene changes. You even need to hit the action button so you can walk up some stairs, which is just annoying. Overall, the game just seemed slow and boring. It's sort of nice that someone tried making a game without combat, shooting or platforming, but even as an interactive novel, this game falls short. If you want a puzzle adventure game, I would suggest people try Dreamfall, which is very engaging.

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Not For The Average Gamer

posted by jtkskills (OCALA, FL) Jun 14, 2009

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In all honesty the reviews for Syberia really aren’t fair. This game isn’t a fast paced action packed adventure, however it is an adventure none the less. Syberia is a game for thinkers. More or less like Myst but not as challenging. Based on face value alone Syberia is quite beautiful in terms of graphics. The majority of the scenery is simply gorgeous and even when an area of the game isn’t pretty, like the mining level, it is at least extremely realistic. One of the most enjoyable aspects of this game is the storyline, enthralling from the beginning of the game to the ending. The mystery and suspense continues to unravel throughout the game. This may be the reason why other gamers have found Syberia so challenging. Trying to rush through the game to find out what happens without taking the time to thoroughly work the puzzles. However, walkthroughs are available for those gamers who get stuck or want to progress rapidly through the game. Overall a great game.

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Holy Cow

posted by honeybunch (CRANSTON, RI) Oct 17, 2007

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Well, if you're the kind of person who loves the sound of walking on wood or the opening of wooden doors...or just wood in it's various forms, then I recommend this game for you. However, if you are not a wood enthusiast or actually enjoy interacting with games, then don't bother.

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