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Play At Your Own Risk

posted by WhiteDraco (GREENSBORO, NC) Dec 29, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

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If you're thinking of picking up this game...don't do it unless you want to get dissapointed. I played this game for only 1 hour & I already beat it. The game sucked big time. At first it may seem easy, but then it just jumps straight to "this is way too hard, I give up!" difficulty in the blink of an eye...literally!

I don't know about you, but that game was lucky it was a Gamefly Rental. If it wasn't, I would've tossed it into the Atlantic, a mine field, a woodchipper, or the Mississippi River! It was THAT bad!

The graphics were horrible! It looked like they slapped junk together, fixed it up in a hurry, & sent it out. My little sister, Juno, could've done better...& she's only 9 years old! When I first looked at the game's screenshot's & videos, I thought it would be loads of fun. Well shoot me 2 times, cause I was dead wrong.

Gamers world wide, never pick up the game Swords. It has a pathetic choice of blades, you can't create your character, pick their gender, name him, there's no story line, it's just nothing but pointless sword fights, you don't get that special feel or rush a REAL game could give you, & it just plain sucked. On a scale of 1 to 10 on the How-much-it-sucked scale. I'd give it a harsh 20...& I just did. If I could, I'd stamp a big fat EPIC FAIL on that game's case. They could've, would've, & should've done better...but didn't!

So let's wrap this up: Don't buy this epic fail they call a game unless you want to feel dissapointment & knowing the fact that you just wasted about an hour or 2 of your life trying to get some real action out of this!

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posted by luke723 (SALEM, NH) Sep 29, 2010

Member since Feb 2008

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Plain and simple, all I have ever wanted since the day the wii came out was the chance to experience the good ole days before guns when men had to fight with pure strength and couarge using only their trusy blade. Well this game, it ain't it.

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like others

posted by yuckyjake (CHICAGO, IL) Jan 28, 2012

Member since Mar 2011

Like others I found this game lacking. so much graphics put into a simple wii resort swordplay game, and the resort game is funnier. the remote needed recalibration too often. the story line was weak. best to skip it this time.

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