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posted by luke723 (SALEM, NH) Sep 29, 2010

Member since Feb 2008

8 out of 9 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

Plain and simple, all I have ever wanted since the day the wii came out was the chance to experience the good ole days before guns when men had to fight with pure strength and couarge using only their trusy blade. Well this game, it ain't it.

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like others

posted by yuckyjake (CHICAGO, IL) Jan 28, 2012

Member since Mar 2011

Like others I found this game lacking. so much graphics put into a simple wii resort swordplay game, and the resort game is funnier. the remote needed recalibration too often. the story line was weak. best to skip it this time.

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Really Bad

Swords that can’t cut through tissue paper

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Sep 24, 2010

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The idea’s really simple - take the fast action of Punch Out and give the combatants swords to bash each other with. Given that there are several players who dream of using the Wiimote like a sword, the makers of this game really can get the attention of a huge audience.
However, Swords, the game, is an absolute mess.
The first thing that has to hold true about Swords, the game, is the controls have to be perfect with exacting calibration and a one to one swing ratio.
But this game’s controls are far from perfect. Even with Wiimotion Plus, I had severe trouble holding the sword at the right position to block an attack, so the AI got several cheap shots in.
Attacking is just as bad; sometimes my warrior would swing twice in the direction I swing my Wiimote, sometimes he would swing in the opposite direction, or (far too often) he would not attack at all, leaving an opening for the opponent to counter attack.
Making a bad game worse is the AI who is an expert blocker, even at the easiest difficulty setting. Almost every attack I put on the AI warrior gets blocked - and some are blocked perfectly and I take damage. I’ve lost several battles because of the damage I take from these perfect blocks.
There is some sort of story attached to the game, but it’s just you battling your way through what looks like seven other warriors (I can’t get past the third level because of the bad controls and the annoying AI).
But wait, there’s more to the game - but not much more
You can take on another player, but whoever wins does so more by luck than skill
Or you can take on some forgettable challenges like chop wood into a shape or cut down a few zombies.
This could’ve been the next Punch Out, but instead it gets punched out. Swords, the game, is a strong candidate for my WORST WII GAMES OF THE YEAR list.

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