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GF Rating

28 ratings

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Movie Description

To fight the war on drugs, the DEA set up a fake company as part of Operation Swordfish. After the company was shut down, its bank accounts - containing hundreds of millions of dollars - remained open. Fifteen years later, interest has grown that amount to almost ten billion. Gabriel Shear (John Travolta) heads an elite counterterrorism unit known as Black Cell. Shear wants the money to finance his organization, so he turns to Stanley Jobson (Hugh Jackman). Jobson happens to be one of the two best hackers on the planet. He also happens to be forbidden from going near any kind of electronics thanks to some hacks of top secret FBI systems. Shear lures Jobson back into cyberspace and into a plot that grows more sinister with every turn.

Specs & Requirements

Length 99

Theatrical Release Date 2001

Subtitles French, English, Norwegian

Languages English, French

Screen Format 16:9