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Swat: Global Strike Team


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Also on:PS2
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Gameplay Controls

Swat: Global Strike Team

Directional Pad Issue Squad Commands
Left Thumbstick Move / Crouch (press) / (When in zoom mode, allows for zoom adjustment)
Right Thumbstick Look / Zoom (press)
A Button Operate - Reload
B Button Melee Attack
X Button Issue Compliance
Y Button Switch Weapon
White Button Throw Grenade
Black Button Access Equipment Menu
Left Trigger Activate Voice Recognition (if available) - Throw Grenade
Right Trigger Fire Weapon
Start Pause
Back Show Objectives

GamePlay: SWAT supports Voice Recognition Technology and the Xbox Communicator. There are three types of Voice Commands which are listed below.

Team Commands:
"Team" - Used to select both teammates and follow it with an additional command.
"Jackson" - Used to select only Jackson and follow it with an additional command.
"Lee" - Used to select only Lee and follow it with an additional command.

Order Commands:
"Enter" - Directs a teammate to enter and clear a room.
"Secure" - Instructs a teammate to cover you facing in the direction you are facing when issued.
"Lock On" - Orders a teammate to target a suspect that you have targeted.
"Fall In" - Tells a teammate to regroup with you.
"Proceed" - Directs a teammate to move to the location your gun reticule is pointed at (or closest possible location).
"Cancel" - Exits the Squad Command Interface.
"Push" - Orders a teammate to open a door.
"Pick Lock" - Directs Lee to unlock doors.
"Breach" - Instructs Jackson to use a breaching charge on a closed door.
"Use" - Directs Jackson to interface with door scanners, defuse bombs, etc.
"Restrain" - Orders a teammate to cuff a suspect that you have targeted.
"Take Down" - Tells a teammate to fire at a suspect with whatever their currently selected weapon is.

Compliance Commands:
"Police" - Issues a compliance order to any suspects in a nearby radius from the player.