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Sushi Go Round

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posted by katy22girl (ANN ARBOR, MI) Aug 30, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

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This game is fine. Very like any other restaurant games, serving, menus, etc. The frustrating thing is that you cannot direct food to a particular customer. Since the sushi moves down a conveyer belt, if a customer who sat down later but managed to order wants the same sushi as someone farther down the line, they will take it, likely causing the earlier customer to get angry and leave. By the mid 20s of the rounds, it is nearly impossible to make sushi fast enough to not lose 5 or 6 people, even if you give them Sake to cheer them up.

One correction to the other review--you can't choose to save, but if you start a storyline game, it will autosave after every day, allowing you to continue your game when you turn on the game again. I don't know about other modes, since I only tried story.

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Sushi Go-Round and around and around....

posted by VicFuture (WOODHAVEN, NY) Jun 21, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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Initially I hated this game - the music is repetitive, the graphics remind me of older generations of consoles, and the idea was unlike anything I had played before - making virtual food. As a fan of Sim games (The Sims, Sim City etc,) this was very different than any of the games I played in the past.
Haqving said that, I couldn't stop thinking about it. Besides the fact that I love sushi, the game challenges you by not allowing you to save your progress. You have to beat the game in one sitting - which is no small feat - I went 30 rounds and did not reach the end of it! THIRTY ROUNDS. The Japanese are brilliant.

The once repetitive music reinforced the monotony of the task at hand - it zens you out. The blocky patrons, sometimes 4 of the same character will line up to be served, are ravenous and you find yourself watching their little faces to see who is going to order first. Your hand will begin to hurt after a few dozen rounds, but you press on, trying to reach the end.

This game is not for everybody - but after 20+ hours, I have to give this game a 5 for capturing my mind for that long.

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