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posted by DaMikeSC (COLUMBIA, SC) Oct 26, 2007

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Well, outside of Harry Potter, the crop of movie tie-in games have been quite bad, to be generous. When I put Surf's Up into my 360, I wasn't expecting much of anything.

I will not claim it is a great game --- but I will give it a ton of credit for being a lot better than I expected it to be.

Rather than try and do the traditional sub-par platformer, the developers decided to make it a surfing game. That, alone, is inspired. They made a game quite unlike all other tie-ins and should be commended for it. And the surfing isn't bad. It's not going to rock your world, but it is a fun little diversion.

The game, however, is short. Not significantly longer than the movie itself, which is a bit of a concern. The visuals are pretty good, but there are major clipping issues and the game has a really hard time making a wipe-out when the wave curls over you look, well, less than horrible. The surfing levels are fun enough and the tricks are rather easy to pull off. The leaf sliding actually was more of a challenge (challenge being a very subjective term) and was actually a bit more fun to me.

The game is custom-made for rental. It is a fun diversion for 2 or so hours. You will not be bored as nothing lasts long enough to be tedious.

Easily the 2d best movie tie-in of the year. But that isn't exactly high praise.

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Good for young kids

posted by Medusa512 (LEAGUE CITY, TX) Aug 14, 2007

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My 7 year old son and his friend liked this game because they could play against each other. Controls are fairly simple to use.
You can unlock some other fun characters which both boys enjoyed.

I don't think they cared, but it was fairly repetitive game play throughout and similar to skateboarding type games.

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great rental

posted by 360chik (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) Jun 10, 2007

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While I would not buy this game because once it's done, I was over it, I've found it to be such a fun rental. I recommend doing the tutorial, because you learn the fun tricks. I only use the hard tricks and the stoke, and you can really rack up points on the waves (as well as some achievement points). You can also do some go thru some pipes on some of the courses, and there's tons of grinders on every course.

there was also a leaf sliding game that I did not find to be fun, but if you are totally into achievement points, you might want to do it. I wasn't worth the frustration for extra 100 points for me.

This is a totally cute, fun, kind of different game. And you will get achievement points. great for all ages.

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