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Above Average

Great Game, Terrible Controls

posted by cavello (LITTLETON, CO) Jul 16, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

I have long been a fan of Real Time Strategy games, but they have never played well on anything other than a computer.

The gameplay appears well put together and balanced. There are a large variety of units, and each has a focus. Anti-air units cant attack ground units, etc. So you need to create a balance in your divisions, otherwise a single bomber can eradicate an entire fleet of tanks.

The controls are difficult, for example to get a engineer to create an air turret, you have to press B to deselect the current unit, A to select the engineer, X to stop what he is currently doing, Right on the D-Pad for the build menu, Scroll the right thumbstick to the 10 o'clock position and release it there, move the left thumbstick around to the air turret icon , and press A.

The inability to have a mouse is detrimental to the complexity of this game. It is laborious to do even the simplest tasks, most tasks require between 4-8 combinations of buttons and joysticks to complete. While the game boasts the need for less micromanagement of the economy, simple orders become complex due to the controls.

The tutorial gave a good overview of the controlls, and the campaign slowly introduces new technology to the player. However I was left wondering some simple things that the tutorial did not address. At one point I had my Commander "Optimize energy usage"? Which immediately eliminated all me energy reserves, haulting production of all units. I don't know what this feature did,other than allow enemy forces to overrun a critical outpost. Also ACU's can perform specialized attacks, however the button combinations to perform these acts make it impractical in the heat of a battle.

The only way to combat the button combinations is to slow the gamespeed down to a dimwits pace to allow you time act. This gets pretty old since every time you change the gamespeed, the game saves your prefrences.

I will likely purchase the game for the PC,and leave the XBox for action games.

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GF Rating


Supreme Commander

posted by PieLord (JOHNSTOWN, PA) Jul 9, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

Supreme Commander is a fun game once you get used to the new controls for this 360 version, like the "wheels" will glitch if your in a hurry to get something done. The one downside I have found is in resource gathering. If you are trying to build a massive army to compete with the computer well, you might run out of resources. That can be especially bad when you are under attack. The enemy's put up a good fight both defensively and offensively. Supreme Commander is a good game for someone who loves a good old tactical fight that will always end in that final desicision.

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GF Rating

Very Good

A good RTS with massive armies

posted by wlfwhisper (NEWARK, DE) Jul 8, 2008

Member since Oct 2004

I have some bad news for the multiple reviews of this game that complain about lockup and frame rate issues. If you are having these issues your XBOX may be coming close to a breakdown. I had the same problem and as it turns out this is a problem with the XBOX 360 itself, not the game. I had lockup issues and sent the unit in for repairs. Now this game plays as smooth as can be with hundreds of units on the field of battle.

This, overall is a very good game. It can be a little overwhelming with the 150 plus unit armies you must build in order to be successful. You will find most of your time is spent in God view trying to keep track of these massive armies.

The graphics are not bad at all but you only see them when zoomed in close which you'll find you do very infrequently. Many unit types are available in massive air, sea and naval battles.

If your XBOX is up to the challenge, this is a fun game to play.

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