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Very Good

Not your PC Supreme Commander

posted by Lizard (COLUMBIA, SC) Jun 30, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

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Supreme Commander was my favorite strategy of all time for the PC, well if you don't count its spiritual predecessor Total Annihilation. It was a brilliant strategy game, deep and rewarding for those who took the time to delve into its features. So it came as no surprise that I would want to try it for the Xbox 360. After all my gaming rig bit the dust, and it wasn't that great a PC anyways so the chance to play SupComm at a decent rate was another seller. So how does it stand up against the PC juggernaut.

Pros -
- It retains all of the units from the PC version as well as throws in a few new ones.
- The Selection wheel really works well giving the time to get used to it. They had to fit a ton of commands to the Xbox controller after all, from a game made to make use of a keyboard.
- The graphics aren't that bad really. (More in Cons section)
- The online multiplayer ran smoothly without any lag other then the stuff you'd find in singleplayer also.
- Truly great scale, once you get used to the zoom out feature its hard to play other strategy games.

Cons -
- Game suffers some severe slowdown and studders at times. Its like playing my PC all over again, just with medium settings instead of low
- Game takes a graphical hit in many departments, specifically the texture resolution and animation department.
- The Analog stick control is rather jumpy, can be hard to select small units amongst large ones.
- PC unit cap of 1000 lowered to 500 for the console.
- Lack of hyping up the game means the game from what I've experienced, being generally dead online.

I just don't have the text space to write all my feelings. Generally I'd say if you were a fan of the PC version or even Total Annihilation, you will love this version (Though if you got a PC to run it to its fullest don't bother) But for the rest of you, I suggest C&C which is a faster paced, easier to play game. SuppComm is really a love it or leave it experience that fans will mostly get the most of

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Unusual yet Unique

posted by GamerFan114 (ELMSFORD, NY) Aug 15, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

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Supreme Commander is not your normal RTS. Instead it has a few aspects that make it stand out . First is its high unit cap reaching to 400 units per player. Som imagine a 2 on 2, thats about 1200 units on the battlefield which is insane. Next is its currency. Instead of money you have two things, Mass and Energy. Energy is in my opinion how fast your construction is and the more generators, the faster the unit rate. Mass is more like the game's currency but the unusual thing is if you're the negatives for both mass and energy you can still build but the process will take forever. Next is the units. If you're looking for a real RTS then you'll love the epic land, air, and navel battles. The feeling is so mind blowing and the scale is epic. Up next are the three factions. Without going to much into details, each one is diverse and unique in its own way. Like the one faction can have it's navel units walk on land, that's crazy! You'll also have fun with the super weapons like nukes,artillery cannons, or experimental units. Supreme Commander is a astounding game with great replay value so try it out today!

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bad and good

posted by theroguard (GOLD BEACH, OR) May 17, 2010

Member since May 2010

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well supreme commander was a good game but it took forever to build a lot of building.I think they should make it so the air and ground vehicles buildings chould be in tech 3 and the mass extracter should give more mass.But I like the super X weapons except the strategy artillery. I could never build it's same as the heavy artillery for the UEF there super weapons take for ever to build and there heavy artillery i built it ones i like the aeons the best but i think there equel in power but building speed is definly the aeons or cybran but the UEF is the down fall of the group but there are good things about them. like there defence they have a realy good heavy sheild and tech 2 weapons are powerful. aeons have speed.cybran have good distence weapons.I hope i wasent spoiler this is my first review report i hope you like the games and i can't wait to try supreme commander 2 i hope that they fixed the problems in the game but if if you don't belive me try the game for your self.If you like this game i think you would like the command and conqur series is good to. have fun with the games.

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