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Superman: Shadow of Apokolips


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Also on:PS2
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82 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Superman: Shadow of Apokolips

Control Stick On the Ground = Walk/Run/Turn. Flying = Climb/Dive/Bank.
A Button Punch. Lift. Swing. Throw (Double-Tap).
B Button Speed Dodge
X Button Breath Blast. X-Ray Vision (First Person Mode)
Y Button Heat Vision (Hold). Heat Blast (Double-Tap).
Z Button Super Vision (Hold, First Person Mode). Center Camera (Tap).
L Button Target Lock (Hold)
R Button Fly (Squeeze). Speeding Bullet (Hold When Locked on Enemy).
C Stick On Ground = Hover/Land/Strafe. Flying = Loop/Reverse/Roll.
Start/Pause Pause. View Objectives.
Combo #1 A + B = Ground Stomp (While Hovering)
Combo #2 A + B = Super Spin (While on Ground)