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Superman Returns


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Also on:PS2, Xbox, DS
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Gameplay Controls

Superman Returns

Directional Pad Up = Heat Vision. Left = Superbreath. Right = Freeze Breath.
Left Thumbstick Up = Accelerate. Move Forward. Down = Move Backward. Left = Strafe Left. Right = Strafe Right.
Right Thumbstick Up = Pitch Up. Down = Pitch Down. Left = Bank Left. Right = Bank Right.
A Button Pickup. Throw.
B Button Block. Drop.
X Button Action. Punch. Special Combo (Hold or Press Twice or Press Three Times).
Y Button Land/Takeoff (Hold)
Right Bumper Super-speed Flying or Sprinting
Left Bumper Airdrift. Hover. Reset Camera.
Left Trigger Target Lock
Right Trigger Activate Superpowers
Start Pause Menu
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Combo #1 X Button (Tap Three Times), Y Button = Locomotive Combo
Combo #2 X Button (Tap Three Times), Y Button, X Button = Tremor Combo
Combo #3 X Button + A Button = Uppercut
Combo #4 A Button, Right Trigger = Krypton Catapult. Around The World (Hold Right Trigger).
Combo #5 A Button, X Button (Tap Three Times) = Foe Hammer
Combo #6 B Button (Hold) + Left Thumbstick Down/Left/Right = Speeding Bullet
Combo #7 B Button (Hold) + Left Thumbstick Right/Left/Down, X Button = Surprise Exchange
Combo #8 Right Bumper (Click), X Button = Jor-El's Fist. Train Wreck (Hold X Button).
Combo #9 X Button, Right Bumper (Click), X Button = Jor-El's Fury
Combo #10 X Button, A Button = Grip Of Steel