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Superman Returns


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Also on:PS2, Xbox, DS
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Hero of Metropolis

By finishing All Metro Events And Mini-Games.

Armageddon averted

By finishing Level 01: Meteor Storm.

Mr. What's-his-name

By finishing All Mini-Games.

You Am Bizarro!

By finishing The Bizarro Mini-Game.

Super Sonic

Finished All Fast Flyer Mini-Games.

Mr. Whiskers

Find All Kittens.

Metallo mastered

Stopped Metallo in the name of justice.

Me aM savE yOU

By you is Bizarro not undefeated!.

The Mongul Hordes

Vanquished Mongul once again.


Saved Metropolis from the rampaging tornado.

Versatile Fighter

Perform 99 fighting combos.

Not That Super

Entered a cheat code.

Souped-Up Superman

Obtain All 15 Power-Ups.

Frequent Flyer

Travel For 10,000 Miles.

Roadside Assistance

Pick Up 100 Cars Throughout The Game.

The Greatest Day

Play A Total Of 12 Hours.

Heavy Lifting

Lift 10,000 Tons Throughout The Game.


Visited and dominated Warworld.