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Superman Returns


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Also on:Xbox, DS, Xbox 360
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Gameplay Controls

Superman Returns

Directional Buttons Up = Heat Vision. Left = Superbreath. Right = Freeze Breath.
X Button Pickup. Throw.
Triangle Button Land/Takeoff (Hold)
Square Button Action. Punch. Special Combo Move (Hold or Press Twice or Press Three Times).
Circle Button Block. Drop.
L2 Button Target Lock
L1 Button Airdrift. Hover. Reset Camera.
R2 Button Activate Superpowers
R1 Button Super-speed Flying or Sprinting
Start Button Pause Menu
Select Button View Map
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Up = Accelerate. Move Forward. Down = Move Backward. Left = Strafe Left. Right = Strafe Right.
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Camera Control. Up = Pitch Up. Down = Pitch Down. Left = Bank Left. Right = Bank Right.
Combo #1 Square (Tap Three Times), Triangle Button = Locomotive Combo
Combo #2 Square (Tap Three Times), Triangle, Square Button = Tremor Combo
Combo #3 Square + X Button = Uppercut
Combo #4 X Button, R2 Button = Krypton Catapult. Around The World (Hold R2 Button).
Combo #5 X Button, Square Button (Tap Three Times) = Foe Hammer
Combo #6 Circle Button (Hold) + Left Analog Stick Down/Left/Right = Speeding Bullet
Combo #7 Circle Button (Hold) + Left Analog Stick Down/Left/Right, Square Button = Surprise Exchange
Combo #8 R1 Button, Square Button = Jor-El's Fist. Train Wreck (Hold Square Button).
Combo #9 Select Special Power, Square Button, R2 Button = Justice Bringer. Arctic Blast Combo. Oath Keeper.
Combo #10 Square Button, X Button = Grip Of Steel