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Hulk returns?

posted by RICANPRINC (SANTA ANA, CA) Nov 27, 2006

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Let me preface this by saying that I did enjoy playing the game for the first hour or so. The use of the various superpowers and super speed were certainly a hoot. I also enjoyed the fact that I could travel to any part of Metropolis with no load screens and what load screens there were passed fairly quickly.

Now, on the negative aspects. The first thing I took issues with is the general washed out colors used. Every building in Metropolis looks the same, with that same washed out brownish tannish color. Granted this may have been done no purpose to draw attention to Supe's or the baddies he fights. but I found my eyes glazing over as I travled, looking for those blasted cats. If the developers were so concerned with creating a living, breathing city, they failed miserably. And as far as creative crisis resolution, I never once found myself carrying a fire truck to a fire as I found it much quicker to just use my superbreath on a blaze even as I was being attacked as I only had to press the triangle button to rejuvenate myself if stunned during the process. I also took issues with the fact that as you are battling the various baddies on the ground that civilians would randomly run into your field of fire, or curl up into a ball in the middle of a fight. They definitely lacked a sense of self preservation.

I was definitely underwhelmed with the quality of the in game graphics. I expected far more from all the hype surrounding it's release.

Here is my biggest gripe. How is it that I can rip the globe off the top of the Daily Planet, but I can't rip the brick smokestack, billboard, or cable dish off of a building?????

To be quite honest, if you have played the Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, you have played this game. And you probably had way more fun.

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Pretty lame and boring

posted by devinS (GRESHAM, OR) Dec 12, 2006

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4 out of 7 gamers (57%) found this review helpful

This game I tried to like because I am a huge Superman fan and I liked the movie. This game started out having not a clue of what is going on, and the cut scenes only have what went on in the movie, but your objectives had nothing what so ever to do with the movie and it is repetitive.

Graphics are average and the sound is ok. Voice acting sounds a little scuffed, gameplay is easy to learn but off target and uninteresting. This game is ok to try out for the first 20 min but other than that you wont lose any sleep over this game.

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posted by boston92 (WESTPORT, CT) Apr 11, 2007

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Please make sure you read this before you rent this game
if you are hoping to have a good time flying around as superman in an open world, don't count on it. every moment of the game is just really annoying, if you want to just fly around, well to bad because every minute another attack on the city comes and you have to stop or else the city gets destroyed. there are only Three different types of bad guys which re-appear throughout the entire game. there are also only three bosses, the third being the inside of a tornado, and trust me, its boring. if you are planning on having a good time with this game, even if you are a huge superman fan, which i am, its still not fun.

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