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Another potentially good game gone bad

posted by dken2311 (NEW CANAAN, CT) Jan 13, 2007

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I agree with the majority of the reviews I have read on this game (probably should have read them before renting it). I have to think that the people that gave this game a 10 did not play further than the first stage, and were somehow still overexcited about the concept when they scurried off to their computers to rave about how great this game is. The camera angles are terrible, and you just fly around fighting the same stupid machines. Like most others who rented this game, I waited in anticipation for it to be released and was, once again, disappointed by another failed attempt to make a Super Man game worth playing for more than a half hour.

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Above Average

Superman Returns to The Gaming Industry!

posted by Brohamm (EAGLE MOUNTAIN, UT) Nov 24, 2006

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As a die hard comic book fan, I've always imagined being the Man of Steel. If you have ever dreamed of flying through enormous cities at breakneck speeds, battling super powered villains and just being straight up cool this is the game for you. Superman Returns is surely a great step up from the previous Superman games that were absolutely terrible. Superman Returns successfully plunges you into the world of the Last Son of Krypton as you rip through Metropolis taking on classic villains like Bizarro, Metallo, and of course, Lex Luthor and much more. The game serves as an exciting form of entertainment for only what seems like a few hours. Why? Mainly because Superman Returns lacks variety and has a few flaws that take away from the experience. First, the boss fights can be EXTREMELY frustrating at times and can result in multiple attempts until you slam the controller on the ground. Second, Metropolis is big enough that exploring alone is satisfying, but I couldn't help feeling like it need more detail and expansion. Third, it lacks the qualities that keep it fun and interesting. This is all really too bad, considering that a few months more of development could have completely worked out these problems. All in all, Superman Returns is a great deal of fun...only for the first 2 or 3 hours. I recommend Superman Returns for a rental, but certainly not for purchase.


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GF Rating

Really Bad

almost impossible

posted by bovinator (VIRGINIA BEACH, VA) Nov 9, 2008

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i thought this game was going to be good, heck i didnt even rent the game, i played a demo of it and it sucks! the camera is impossible to control.its like the the camera was always in a seziure! the first level was fun at first then as i continued the level it got stupid. the controls were impossible, the powers were... okay i guess,and the graphics were sucky. now, i am usually easy to impress gamewise, but this game is a BIG THUMBS DOWN! you people who said this was a good game didnt play very long. PLEASE DO NOT RENT OR BUY THIS GAME, ITS A WASTE OF TIME!

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