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Superman Returns ....The game to the Store

posted by SiddiousX (PEMBROKE PINES, FL) Dec 2, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

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Seriously, what a piece of junk. The camera is broken and it has a feature enabled from the start which makes it even more broken (imagine the camera whipping around wildly.) The first level where it shows your powers looked promising. Then I got to Warworld and hit the melee attack button. I then proceeded to cry for five minutes. The melee system is so blocky and choppy it makes Mortal Kombat on the Gameboy look like it had depth to the fighting.

There's maybe 5 different enemies (not including real characters a.k.a. important people,) and they all look remotely the same. Because Superman can't die, the city can. Basicly they blow up stuff in the city and you gotta jam a car in their face to repay 'em. The difficutly level literally jumps from impossibly easy to so hard they will put you on suicide watch.

There's only two different types of missions, blow fires out or beat robots up. Oh yea, Mister Mxyzptlk hid 100 cats around the city for you to find, because apparently collecting all of them will make him give you back your artifacts from the Fortress of Solitude or some half-done story like that. The worse part about these cats, they make your controller vibrate like no tomorrow, and during missions you can't pick them up, so if a battle is near one you might snap a wrist.

Music is cool, not really a Superman feel, but not a goofy comic-book feel so it's nice.

The graphics (I played on PS2,) looked like first generation PS2 games. Whenever a menu comes up, the screen becomes shaky and looks like it's literally trying to make you go into a seizure to stop playing this horrible game.

If you MUST play this game, rent it. Luckily I did so I'm not one of the poor souls who wasted money on this pile of garbage.

All in all, the real title should be called "Superman64 Returns"

Also, to the people who say it's good, you didn't play the game, or you're trying to funny and fail horribly.

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Superman Returns- A bit disappointing

posted by Afreet (SOUTH RIVER, NJ) Dec 19, 2006

Member since Aug 2005

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

As a huge fan of anything Superman (I replaced the "S" on my Suzuki with Superman's Shield), I was eagerly anticipating the movie and subsequent game.
Although the game was OK, I found it to be a bit disappointing, as the world of Metropolis was very dry and generic. Missing was all the flavor of the world's most vibrant, bustling, and greatest city.
Very few things can be directly manipulated during game play, save for vehicles, pedestrians, and a few landmarks like the Daily Planet Globe and some statues.
You fight the same enemies over and over, with little variety. There are no difficulty levels, and the default setting allows one to plow through the game with ease once you get used to the controls.
The first time through I beat it in a few days of on again, off again game play, the second time I beat it in 4 hours.
Perhaps the most redeeming parts of the game are Superman's abilities, which are for the most part rendered effectively. His heat vision and super breath actually work well, and the flight controls are "realistic". I expected him to be able to fly faster though.
The other great part of the game is Bizzarro. You get points for destruction, which is always a good time.
Unfortunately for the game, since it was based on the movie, the plot isn't all that great. The storyline actually touched upon the movie plot very briefly, while cut scenes carry the rest of the story along.
I was hoping for a much better resurrection of the Superman Saga, and I fear that with the mediocre presentation of the movie and the game, investors would be hesitant to continue the franchise.
Bottom line: Worth renting, but missing the longevity of other great games that offer an experience you'd gladly want to play a few times through, like GTA or MOH.

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posted by parcemag (READING, MA) Nov 21, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

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When I first looked into this game i thought, thats insane, when I played it, i KNEW it was insane

As you pick up the controller the FIRST thing you will do is make superman fly. That is one of the best parts of the game. The amazing sense of speed that you get as superman flys through the 80 square miles of what we call Metropolis at a top speed of 800 miles per hour.

This game is in many was a GTA style game. You go around and you save people when you want to save em. Or you can completely ignore them as you throw cars up in the air and blow them up with your heat vision.

You also get a very unique sense of speed in combat. One move that superman uses shows him spinning around the opponent attacking at every turn.

This is truly a very unique experiance. Superman lovers and non Superman lovers alike will enjoy this gaming experiance IMMENSLY

perfect 10

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