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GF Rating


This Game Is Very Irritating

posted by punkrockin (SAINT PAUL, MN) Jan 4, 2007

Member since Oct 2005

The Graphics in this game are very good. This threw me off though. The game play to me stinks and is very irritating. You pull the controller up like a golf club. Hold your arm where you want it. ( So it's not one fluid motion, which kinda stinks) Then you swing down the remote. ( It's delayed, once you swing about a second after he swings.) Which really threw me off. I couldn't hit the ball strait. I finally figured out how too but that didn't really make the game any better. I really didn't like the delayed reaction. If you like golf a lot and I mean a lot. And you can't wait any longer until the next golf game comes out then get this. If your easily frustrated and are just getting this game to try it out. I wouldn't reccomend it. I returned it after a day of playing for like 4 hours. Couldn't take it anymore.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Rush Japan port

posted by BruinsFan (BEVERLY, MA) Jan 3, 2007

Member since Mar 2006

This title is a big online multiplayer golf game in Japan. Well its been ported over and rushed to the US for the Wii launch. Its far to obvious it was rushed.

The game has little to know depth and the Wii mote feature just don't work well enough for you to ever be any good at the game.

The fantasy courses are nice, though I think they look better and play better in Wii Sports golf.

The characters, as always in Japan cartoon golf games, are very annoying and you'll find your self wanting to mute the game.

Be safe and just stick with Wii Sports golf, While its not as deep, its far more enjoyable.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Not a good Golf game.

posted by Ace250 (SOLVANG, CA) Dec 21, 2006

Member since Dec 2006

Like others have stated.. if your looking for something in line with Wii Sports golf but more depth keep looking. This game does not play like Wii sports at all.. ie. you don't swing the Wiimote like a golf club like you would assume. You can take your time on the back swing to get the power you need.. then you hold down A and swing.

On top of the really bad control for swinging there are absolutely rediculous load times for everything. You spend way more time waiting for it to load than you do playing.. not my cup of tea.

Sorry, but this went back the very next day never to be thought of again.

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