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Above Average

Good, but not great

posted by Jfecrpko (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) Dec 29, 2006

Member since Dec 2006

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

This game really didn't catch my attention right away. It doesn't give you very many options as far as players, courses, etc... There are unlockables, but it seemed to take forever to rack up enough "Pang" points to purchase items in the shop. The game play itself was fun and a little different than Wii Sports, however, it seemed that the players "stats" tended to take over at times and really mess up your shot. This wasn't cool at all. One nice thing about the game is it is kind of like a giant putt-putt course as you can ricochet off of other items for multiplied "Pang" points, but when you risk going out of bounds or dropping it into the water, it doesn't seem worth the risk. Overall, I would say this game would be good to own so that you can play it when you're bored with the "fun" games and it would make worthwhile of collecting the items.

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GF Rating


I wanted to like it...

posted by Oldgamer80 (ALEXANDRIA, VA) May 11, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

11 out of 12 gamers (92%) found this review helpful

I really wanted to like Super Swing Golf. I didn't want something bogged down with stats and "realism" like Tiger Woods, so I expected Super Swing Would be great. I figured if it was only as good as the wii sports demo, Super Swing would be worth the money. Unfortunately after a few hours, I can't say Super Swing's got anything going for it. The controls are counter-intuitive. If you want to hit a ball, forget swinging the remote like a golf club. Instead, push several buttons in a row, going to up to 3-4 different in-game views to line the shot up, then "lock" the power at the right level, and swing the club. The since the swing's power is pre-set and you've spent tons of effort positioning the shot on other screens, the actual swing only gives you an opportunity to mess up, and if you slice it, you slice it bad. Putting the ball gives you a crazy heads-up display that completely obscures the entire green and removes even the slightest bit of gamer immersion. It's highly unrewarding.

Making matters worse, if you play solo, you've got to play against a computer opponent, who golfs slowly and you cant skip through their turns. Watching the computer players golf just isn't fun, and if you play one player, that's what you're going to be doing for most of the game... watching the computer play golf slowly while you wait for your turn.
If you want a good fun golf game, stick with the free Wii Sports Demo. Super Swing is a great example of a sloppy, negligent port over to a console. The developers should be ashamed of themselves. I'd be hard pressed to think of a less fun way to play golf, and I once owned the old golf game for the Atari.

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If you are easily frustrated, stay far far away.

posted by zzzxxx (CHICOPEE, MA) Dec 18, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

15 out of 17 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

If you come into Super Swing Golf expecting a nice, laid back, easy, pick-up and play experience, this game is NOT for you. Thats what I expected, but hit a brick wall. This game takes a lot of time and practice to learn. At least 3 hours will need to be put into this before you really have a handle with what you are doing. The cheap AI opponents don't make the game any easier. Whatch as they take 10 hits to make 1 hole, then get a hole in 1 on the next. Putting is probably the hardest part. There just isn't enough on the screen to be able to tell how the green slopes. The graphics are nice, but they aren't neccesarily impressive. The characters and level designs are definately a breath a fresh air. If you take the time and learn how to play, Super Swing Golf can be tons of fun. But a lot of players are going to give up quick and I almost did. Only for the people who can dedicate a bit of time to playing and learning the game will enjoy Super Swing Golf.

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