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Street fighter 4 has definately gone Super

posted by Nykon0 (LAS VEGAS, NV) Apr 28, 2010

Member since Feb 2008

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Remembering the original release of SF4, It was a good game, but it lacked. ALOT. Well dear fighters, request have been answered and a bunch of new content is added: Online lobby(now you can finally watch the fight while waiting and chatting with people), Team battles(2v2, 2v3, 1v3,5v5 ect), 10 NEW CHARACTERS(most of them old school fighters, and a few new ones), A Replay system(rewatch those epic fights).

With new content added like this, plus a $40 retail price($28 from GF) This is simply the one to get and add to you collection. This will definitely quench fighter-fans thirst. Capcom is on a roll, and they just keep on plowing through with the announcement of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. What will this ingenious company do next?!

In short, Buy SSF4, Keep SSF4, Love SSF4. =)

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Super bad game

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Sep 5, 2010

Top Reviewer

Member since Jun 2007

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

Wow the only thing super was my headache after playing this game. It's the same as the last one, but some how it managed to get way worse.

I would suggest staying away from this game. If you are extremely loyal to these types of fighting games I bet you'll still like this pile of super hot trash, but if you're new to this game stay away. Don't even think about wasting a rental on this.

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Super flawed fighter

posted by Killimajig (TAMPA, FL) Jun 21, 2010

Member since Jul 2005

5 out of 11 gamers (45%) found this review helpful

After playing SSF4 for a while, a few good and bad things stand out.

For starters, this entire game could have been DLC. I know that Capcom and a lot of Street Fighter fanboys will tell you that it was impossible, but that's simply a lie. This was, at it's core, a nostalgic cash-grab.

When you consider how much was changed from SF4 to Super SF4, and set that next to what other game companies have made as DLC, the math simply doesn't add up. Games like GTA4 and Mass Effect seemed to have no trouble making huge amounts of content available for DLC, so unless Capcom is just horribly inefficient at coding, this could have been an update via DLC to Street Fighter 4. Capcom seemed to have no trouble immediately making several alternate costumes available for purchase, so they know how to add content...

Secondly, if you do not own a joystick, you'll find most of the game inaccessible. Most of the special moves require classic inputs that are difficult to pull off on the analog stick and nearly impossible on the 360's lousy D-pad. Forget playing online entirely unless you own a joystick.

If you're a huge Street Fighter fan, and if you own a joystick, and if you were wise enough to skip shelling out $60 for Street Fighter 4, then this game is worth a rental. It's not bad for a fighting game, far from the best fighter of this generation, but not bad.

It's just too bad that it's unplayable with the normal controller, and it should have been DLC, but I guess then they couldn't justify jacking an extra $40 from fans.

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