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What you would, and should, expect.

posted by tronsta (ROSELLE, NJ) May 4, 2010

Member since Nov 2007

15 out of 17 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

As with past "Super" iterations of existing Street Fighter games, this latest entry into the lineup does what it is supposed to do...fix what was broken, leave alone what wasn't broken, and add lots of new shiny things. It does it wonderfully. Let's hit the good stuff first:

1) 10 new characters. These really are not simply bolted on characters, they are fully developed and each are genuinely dangerous in the right hands. But at the same time, they all play so differently from the original SFIV cast.

2) They balanced everything else out. I won't go into major detail, but lets just say they tweaked everything in such a way so as to avoid there being any truly overpowered fighters.

3) The online component is vastly improved. You can battle in groups, alone, and an improved tournament mode will be out shortly to download for free.

4) Everyone now has 2 Ultras to choose from, giving you further tactical options depending on who you are fighting.

5) Everything that was great from the first version of SFIV is still there.

Now on to the bad stuff:

1) While the online component was tweaked and updated, there's still a lot of connection problems. Not sure why this is, but often when going through potential matches I still receive a lot of "Unable to connect to session", just like in the first one. I connect with other games no problem, I highly doubt it's my network. Not a game breaker, but annoying.

2) You're going to hate playing this game with a controller. You almost need a joystick of some kind.

Overall it's one of the best 2D fighters of all time, an instant classic. And the 40 dollar price tag makes this a no brainer. Buy it! Just be prepared to get destroyed online!

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posted by Jmaster67 (CHICAGO, IL) Apr 27, 2010

Member since Feb 2008

15 out of 19 gamers (79%) found this review helpful

Street Fighter IV (4) returns with an all new expansion with new characters, all of their alternate cotumes, bonus stages, new online content, and new kick butt finishers! I've played ALL of the Street Fighters, and I can say that this is the all time BEST next to the Alpha series.

If you haven't played the first one and are looking for a great fighting game, go ahead and get the SUPER version, not the original because this tops the original street fighter IV! Btw, for the people that hated the super cheap Seth from the original - don't worry, hes watered down this time around.

Another thing is that the original IV was 60, you can buy this for $20 dollars less and it has way more content than the other. Thank you Capcom for bringing the gamers a fighting game that will be remembered for generations to come.

Simply put: great rental, excellent buy. If you don't like this game, then you must not like true fighting games.


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If you have to wonder, don't bother.

posted by MasterMo (PORT CLINTON, OH) Jul 2, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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Do you like fighting games? Are you good at them? Then this review isn't for you. You probably already have and love this game. If you don't already have it, rest assured you'll probably like it.

This review is for people like me, who enjoy the occasional fighting game but aren't all that good at them. People who are just looking for a fighting game to try for the weekend and maybe play with a few equally-skilled friends.

To you, I advise you, pass on Super Street Fighter 4.

You see, this game is hardcore. This is an in-depth fighting game with plenty of combos and strategies to use. Which is what you would expect coming from the Street Fighter series. It's a game that rewards you for putting in the time and effort to practice and perfect your technique.

But if you aren't willing to put that time in (and if you are renting it, I assume you aren't), this game hates you. This game will not forgive you for not being able to perform intricate combos on a whim. And did I mention that combos require perfect timing? There is no leeway in terms of when you can input attacks. It has to be absolutely perfect.

Case-in-point, I went into the challenge mode, which gives you specific combos to perform. I had significant trouble with a few characters chaining a standing mid-punch to a standing high-punch, or other simple combos. While I'll admit fighting games aren't my strong point, something that simple shouldn't be so hard to time properly.

I don't mean to say this is a bad game. I really don't. But I will say this game is not a good rental. If you are looking for a good rookie-friendly fighting game, one that is easy to pick up, yet hard to master, this is not the game to pick up. Check out Tatsunoko vs. Capcom or Blazblue for that.

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