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Not for highly skilled Arcade/Console players

posted by Marky5000 (GARLAND, TX) Apr 5, 2011

Member since Dec 2010

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Do not waste your time. I play this game religiously on the 360 and arcade versions. I master Seth, and I can win with half of the roster. Although I avoid using any character yelling Hadouken, Chun-Li, Guile... I am no stranger to their move sets and strategies. This game is meant for the people who have NEVER played Street Fighter, SUCK at Street Fighter, or NEED a game and the next best games are not yet available. The LITE controls (which are unfavored by many PRO players) have no cool-down. Require no charge or extra movement and may be performed without any work whatsoever. Characters who shoot fireballs and have an anti-air move that capitalize on quick-frame recover (Guile or Ryu) can spam fireballs all day, adjust speeds based on opponent jump distance, and hit you immediately with a 1 button anti-air move. I returned this game to the retailer after winning a total 147 games and 11 losses. 7 Losses straight were a result of playing a Guile player who only performed 2 moves to win: Sonic Boom (the fastest recovery move), and FLASH KICK (fastest and longest ranging anti-air counter). Combo exhibitionists who excel in Arcades and Console versions like myself (able to perform 12-25-47 Hit combos) with ease should know that in the 3DS version any anti-air attack can counter a combo within the first 1-2 hits. So if you want to win you MUST set LITE controls and forget about skill.

LITE controls should require at least a cool-down period for ALL MOVES aside from Supers and Ultras to stop the game from becoming a Third-Person Shooter action game. I thought I was playing Super R-Type Fighter 4.

Otherwise, the unique new features for 3DS earned praise, the ability to port every fighter with less outfits than the console was a bit of a disappointment. The D-Pad is horrible and should be avoided. The Circle Pad did eliminate some disappointments but the chance of pulling off the move you'd like to do is 55%.

The game scored 4 for just being Street Fighter.

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posted by cdaleh (SAINT FRANCISVILLE, LA) Apr 6, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

3 out of 20 gamers (15%) found this review helpful

The controls are difficult, it is hard to take it out of the box and start playing, plus it is so hard just to play a simple computer, but it is just so boring as well because the moves are the same thing over and over again! just think about it before you waste your time waiting for this game!!

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Lacks Robust Single Player Features

posted by superless2 (GOSHEN, IN) Dec 10, 2013

Member since Nov 2005

This is a great adaptation of the Super Street Fighter IV game. I am not criticizing the adaptation so much as the original source. Fighting games have lost a lot of their single player feature set because these games have promoted e-sports and competitive gaming rather than the casual gamer. For example, I would have loved to see only 1/3 of the fighters unlocked from the beginning and have the rest unlockable by playing the game and completing various challenges. As it is, there is little compelling me to play this in single player mode. I only play local multiplayer and the fact that this has download play, but only allows your opponent to fight on one map and with only Ryu is a complete let down. I expected much more from the source game, hopefully next time we can get a more robust single player experience.

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