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Super Smash Bros. Melee

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Falco hint:

When using Falco, you can go up to an opponent and press Down-B, to use the Reflector Shield. Not only does this reflect projectiles and send them smashing back into your foe, but if used right nest to the foe, it sends them flying into the air easily. Best used for the Wire Frame people.

  • Down, B
    Falco hint

As Link, Press down (control stick)+ B over an enemy For a move that deals around 20% damage.

  • Press down (Control stick) + B
Daisy costume:

When playing as Peach, enter code

  • X or Y
    Daisy costume
Nana costume:

Choose Ice Climbers and enter code at the character selection screen until Nana (the one with the mouth open) is in front of Popo (the one with the mouth closed). If Popo is hit too far, Nana will still be left (no lives will be taken away). If Nana is hit too far, Popo is unable to move and they will both lose (one life is lost).

  • X or Y
    Nana costume
Wario costume:

When playing as Mario, enter code

  • X or Y
    Wario costume
Captain Falcon's alternate costumes:

enter code at the character selection screen

  • X or Y
    Captain Falcon's alternate costumes
Mewtwo cheat:

Click down B twice. Once to stun people. Twice to send them flying. Mewtwo's down B move is sure to \"stun\" people. Hahahahaha. Get it "stun". Hey I made a joke.

  • B (2)
    Mewtwo cheat
Super Shield:

Press the L or R button slightly but not all the way and your sheild will be bigger and shrink at a much slower rate.

  • Press the L or R
    Super Shield