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GF Rating


Greatest Nintendo Game to Date

posted by IkeFTW (NOVATO, CA) Mar 16, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

What more needs to be said?

With 35 totally different character, some new, some old; over 40 maps; and hundreds of collectibles and achievements, this game will keep even the most determined players busy for a very long time.

SSBB features an entire 1-Player/Co-Op campaign-style Adventure Mode, The SubSpace Emissary, through which all the hidden characters can be unlocked. If it's not your style, and you prefer the standard Brawls (like me), then nearly every feature, including all characters, can be unlocked through other achievements.

And, even if you do manage to complete every objective the game has to offer, it still never gets old with additional features like Online Play, with Friends or Anyone, and the Stage Builder, allowing you to have not only the 40 included maps, but as many more as will fit in your Wii or SD Cards.

The game-play is smooth and fluid, the sound is incredible, all the songs totally re-mastered and customizable right down to which songs play on which maps and how often. The graphics are great, and even the characters which haven't (yet) appeared on Wii have been made to look as good as new.

I highly recommend this game to all Wii players, those new to the Super Smash series, or fans since N64.

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GF Rating

Very Good

A Bit of a Dissapointment...

posted by Sleezebag (DELAWARE, OH) Mar 16, 2008

Member since Oct 2005

The one big problem with the game is that Wi-Fi connection. Two words: IT SUCKS!

You can barely ever connect to a game unless its with your friends, but how can i meet a friend on the freaking wii and let them send me a message with their 8 number freaking code when I CAN NEVER CONNECT!

just had to let everyone know that.
Now, the game itself is good. There is tons to do. There is A story mode, a classic mode, a stadium mode and more JUST on teh SOLO side of the game. Then on Multiplayer there is basic brawl, tournament, special fight and more. There is also a map maker but the options are VERY limited number of choices for the map maker. The story mode is bad. The enemies are random as multi-colored craps, there is no voice acting, the levels all look very very cheap and barely any effort was put into it. BUT, the multiplayer and classic modes are what really shine! Its more fun than ever to fight with friends on teh storymode or against three other people! With al least over 20 characters including all your nintendo favs and more, there is no limit to the fun to be had. Then you can costomize the gametypes and make things more costom fitting to you to have fun. I only gave it an 8 because of the multiplayer and classic mode. They are the only fun and WORKING (unlike freaking online) components to the game. If you like awsome fighting games with friends, then get this game!
ONLINE:doesnt work, so 0/10

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GF Rating


missing a few things

posted by Ps24life (BOISE, ID) Mar 16, 2008

Member since Jul 2007

this game would be a ten with a few extras like y put in sonic if your not going to put in tails and nuckles and possibly shadow.maybe a goku and gohan they dropped roy,young link and pichu but added ike and lucario,toon link and pokemon trainer.also others the brawl levels most of them lack that feeling but you can unlock melle levels also u can make your own.the classic modes the same old game we love with changes in characters.Also you dont need the wii remote you can use game cube controls and even if u use the wii no motion moves and controls are very easy.this is the updated weve been waiting for since melee in 01 but wheres tails?

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