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How to get your opponet high percentage.

First of all, you won' t always be able to do this. If you get lucky, you'll get a fan. After you get the fan, (if you get the fan at all) start slapping your opponet. The slapping won't let them get away for a while, which gives you time to give them high percentage. The fan will not kill them, though. But if you get to use the fan long enough, when you'r done with the fan, you might be able to knock your foe out in you'r 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th try.

Easy Kill

Be Donkey Kong. Next, grab you opponent. Then when your opponent is in your arms start to walk off the edge with him. When you are off the edge of the stage (with your opponent still in your arms) quickly throw him down. Then do your recovery attack to get back on the stage. This move is very hard to master, you may need to try several times.

Annoying attack

Be Donkey Kong. Next, keep hitting the ground with his Down+B attack. If you do this for a long time not only will your opponent get alot of damage but also they will get very mad too.

Meteor Smash

Be any character. If you hit your opponent off the stage, while they are trying to get back up jump in the air and hit them down. There are several types of meteor smashes, it depends on which person you are. If you master a meteor smash with one person don't think you are going to master it with another.

Make Wario Ride His Cycle

Press B and Left or Right and Wario will ride his bike.

Easy Win

You need Lucas for this. When your opponent is on an edge, use Lucas' pk freeze on the person on the ledge, then they're dead.

getting smash ball quickly

Be lucas or ness but i would recomend lucas use there pk thunder and direct it to the smash ball keep doing this untill you have the final smash. it may take at least 3 tries

how to unlock all charactors in about a day

Go to special Brawl an put on stamina and flower heads. Be anyone you want and put the cpu on puny level and one stamina you have more than one stamina put the stage selection on random and your ready to unlock everyone in about a day.