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Find the 121st Starite

Create a time machine and use it repeatedly until you're taken to a stage with a Maxwell and a Starite in a tree. This is the final Starite in the game.

Useful Nouns and Adjectives

If you find yourself struggling to get through the game, there are many words that can help you out. These include: INVINCIBILITY CLOAK - Wear it to become invincible. INVISIBILITY CLOAK - Enemies won't see you while wearing this. POCKET KNIFE - Useful weapon. LUNAR LANDER - Helps you conquer gravity. LUNAR ROVER - A larger version of the Lunar Lander. BLACK HOLE - Will suck in everything, including yourself. SHRINK RAY - Allows you to shrink enemies. FREEZE RAY - Allows you to temporarily freeze enemies. CHI - A rideable Chinese dragon appears. REINDEER - A rideable reindeer appears. PEGASUS - A rideable Pegasus appears. WINGS - Equip yourself with wings for flight. TIME MACHINE - Allows you to go through different eras. ARCADE (MACHINE) - Tap this arcade machine to play a rocket mini-game. SCRIBBLENAUTICAL - Wear Maxwell's hat.