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Super Robot Monkey Team Volume 1 (GBA Video)

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Game Details

  • Release Date 4/19/2005
  • Publisher Majesco
  • Platform GBA
  • Genre GBA Video

    Game Description

    Take the Super Robot Monkey Team with you wherever you go on your GBA. In "Episode 1: Depths of Fear," Chiro must overcome his fear of water to save the rest of the Monkey Team and Shuggazoom City from a monstrous underground threat that is flooding everything. In "Episode 2: Planetoid Q," the Hyperforce mobilizes to stop a planetoid that is headed right for Shuggazoom City. Discovering that it is a planet-sized life form, the Hyperforce journeys through the living planet's insides to stop it from destroying their home. Along the way, Chiro gives the planetoid a worthy new purpose in the galaxy. The Hyperforce is on the move!

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