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Japenese Words?

posted by JoshuaC123 (NEW BEDFORD, MA) Feb 21, 2007

Member since Nov 2006

What's Up With Japenese Words? >:-(

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Above Average

didn't live up...

posted by jessNsade (GRASS VALLEY, CA) Jan 2, 2007

Member since Oct 2006

As a die-hard Mario fan, I was super excited to get Super princess Peach but was unfortunately disappointed. the story is cool (it's about time for a gender role-reversal in the Mario franchise!), and the "vibe-sceptor" innuendos are entertaining. However, collecting enough power to actually use Peach's vibes is difficult, and it seemed as though when the game play required use of the vibes there was no easy way in sight to build up her vibe meter (you can tediously "absorb" bad guys with hr umbrella to very sloly do so, but it's time-consuming and boring). Sometimes various vibes didn't work, and if you press the wrong one or just need to use the vibe for a second, there's no way to stop it and preserve the juice in your vibe-meter.
the map was also a little weird...some levels were more like puzzles than levels.
There are lots of options throughout the game (you can buy fancy umbrellas to help you through the game) but it often remains unclear which tools you're supposed to use for various points throughout the game.
The graphics are kinda cute, but don't at all compare to the newest Super Mario Brothers. So if you're looking to get your kicks out with Mario and his gang, I say stick with the newest Super Mario Brothers for DS (NOT "Super Mario DS" - that one sucks too) and deal with Princess Peach yet again needing rescuing from the Italian brothers and their clan.

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Why The Controls?

posted by wordwithin (MCHENRY, MD) Dec 18, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

Don't get me wrong, the graphics were nicely done. The environments have unique themes, some original, some slightly altered in a nice way, with colors upon pixels of flashy colors. The character models were good and all that-the diolouge, little as there was, was decent- but there was still one thing that made me feel as though I was being pushed through the game's un-satisfying six hours of gameplay. It was the controls! I didn't like the fact that you always had to touch a certain icon on the lower screen to use one of Peach's abilities, and better yet, have to push them again to disable them! But I guess that's how it had to work.

Final Word: It's an okay game with some-time frustrating controls.

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