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Super Paper Mario


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Super Paper Mario
Gameplay Note: Hold the remote horizontally so that the control pad is on the left side. Some portions of the game will require you to point the Wii Remote at the screen.
Control Pad
Down = Crouch. Left/Right = Walk. Move Cursor.
A Button
Scroll Text. Flip from 2-D to 3-D (As Mario).
1 Button
Use Pixl. Read Message (When Star is Displayed).
2 Button
Jump. Select Item. Open Parasol and Float (As Peach in Mid-Jump). Read Message (When Star is Displayed). Swim (When Underwater).
- Button
Display Controls
+ Button
Display Menu
Display Quick Menu
View Tippi's Hints/Explanations. Examine People/Things. Game Hints (Aim Pointer Toward Screen)
Guard (Peach). Breathe Fire (Bowser).
Talk. Examine Door/Chest. View Previous Message.
Throreau Abilities
Activate Switches at a Distance. Grab Objects/Enemies/Thoreau. Throw (Press 1 Button Again).
Boomer Abilities
Set Down Boomer. Detonate Him (Press 1 Button Again).
Remove Ailment