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Best Mario Yet!

posted by Spikedup06 (DOWNERS GROVE, IL) Aug 23, 2007

Member since Aug 2007

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I cannot believe this game isn't at least a 9! The different variations of the items, the storyline, and the characters are all very original. The way that this game was created by the side-scroll to 3-D was very creative, I was amazed by the way this game was put together. There was only one downfall, the need to switch back and forth between pixls and characters was a bit of a problem with the progress of the game. Although the challenge was a little on the normal/easy side, I still enjoyed switching my Wii on and busting out some SPM. Hope there's a sequel, and possibly multiplayer? That would be perfect!

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Classic Mario Revived!

posted by RocketGib (OWASSO, OK) Jul 7, 2007

Member since Feb 2007

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I love Super Paper Mario. This game brings back many childhood memories of the NES and SNES Super Mario Brother games and I thought that it played quite well on the Wii.

The only downside of this game (along with several other Wii titles) is the extremely long forced tutorial and storyline. I wish there was a way to skip all of this and jump right into the game even though the storyline is very interesting!

My favorite part of SPM is when Mario gains the ability to "flip" into the 3rd dimension. There are many new secrets and tricks you can perform while in 3D mode, but beware of your HP meter!

If I had the money, I would have kept this title just because I found it very addictive. Maybe when I get some extra money I'll go purchase this one. It's worth the rent.

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Last Great Gamecube Game, First Mario Wii Game!

posted by Gugliemo (HOLMDEL, NJ) Apr 24, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

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You wouldn't except a Paper Mario game to be the first Mario game on a console, but it just happened to be so. Despite not being the Mario game we all are waiting for, this game still delivers strong.

Super Paper Mario has a handful of new features you should check out. First off, you get to play as 4 characters throughout the game: Mario, Peach, Bowser, and Luigi. Each character has a special move: Bowser breathes fire, Peach floats using her parasol, Luigi jumps extra high, and Mario flips the world to 3-D. Their wasn't any typos here, with Mario you get to flip to 3-D! You also get to use these things that follow you called Pixls, which gives your characters different abilities. One gives you the ground pound, one shows you info when you point at the screen, and one enables you to use bombs. There are also cool items like the Mega Star, which turns you into a giant 8-Bit Mario.

In Super Paper Mario, instead of using Wii-mote/nunchuk combo, you hold the remote sideways like a NES controller. You press 2 to jump, press 1 to use your Pixls ability, press A to flip to 3-D, and you use your characters ability as well as move with the d-pad.

This game, unlike the 2 other Paper Marios, has more platforming and less RPG. However, there are still many RPG elements in this game. You hold items like Shroom Shakes in your pocket that recovers health, and there are many sidequests in this game. You can also cook, and get cards that makes it easier to defeat a certain type of enemy.

Right now, this game sounds flawless to you, but it isn't. As you get more characters and Pixls, it is going to get more annoying to pause it everytime to change your characters and Pixls. Also, since Mario is the only one that can flip to 3-D, your going to play as him almost all the time. There is also way too much dialogue in this game, but I didn't mind it though, since it was funny. These problems shouldn't stop you from playing this game, however.

PS: The game is 1 player only.

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