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Great Platformer with a new twist. 9.7/10

posted by RichScarry (MISSOULA, MT) Apr 11, 2007

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Well, Nintendo sure does know how to make a nearly perfect platformer for our hero Mario. Super Paper Mario is one of the best games on the Wii so far. With great game play, artistic styling visuals, and a nice refreshing challenge, this game has plenty of pick and (re)play value.

For starts, this game is hard! If you've played New Super Mario for the DS, and just walked through it, I think you'll enjoy Super Paper Mario. With having multiple characters to choose(All with different abilities) from at anytime in the game, and the ability to go in and out of 3D, there are so many possibilities in the games puzzles.

I thought they did a few really good things with the controls. Before I bought it, I was worried that you may have to jerk the Wii-mote upward to jump. Thinking of all the finely tuned jumping involved in a platformer like this had me a little worried. Thankfully, it's just a regular button jump. It does utilize the motion controls in some areas, but not over doing it to make it feel tacked on. The RPG element is also nicely done. Earning progress from killing anything, and adding to Mario's attack and HP among other things.

The visuals are almost a non-issue. You really can't mess up a game that's meant to look 2D. But it does have some details in the background, and the creatures also have some fine detail. My only complaint in this department is in the 3D environment. It seems very barren, and plain.

The only thing I didn't like was the miles of dialog in the first few levels. For levels 1-1, and 1-2, it seems that is ALL you were doing was talking. It has a nice twist from the normal save Princess Peach story line in a typical Mario game, but there seemed like a lot of unnecessary talking going on in the start.

Overall,a great Nintendo title. I have high expectations for Nintendo's first party game, and as always they deliver in this game. Lots to do and with the RPG element, it has plenty of replay value. Great game, I'd just go buy it!

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Keeping Mario on His Toes

posted by conman (SOUTH BEND, IN) Apr 13, 2007

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The Paper Mario series is proving to be a great alternative to the regular Mario series.

This game looks fantastic. The artistic backgrounds, vibrant color palette, lively character models, and imaginative level designs stand among those found in the very best platformers. From the first level, I was visually impressed, and the game only looks better and better as it progresses.

The controls shine. I'm sure everyone knows about the 2D-3D switching, but you really have to play this game for a while to see how much this affects level-design and puzzle challenges. It's amazing. You're also given a wide variety of added abilities via your "Pixls" and other characters (Peach and others). These add to the variety in the game, and make for some fantastic challenges.

I do, however, miss the turn-based RPG-style fighting of The Thousand-Year Door, but there's enough added play in this new game to make up for that loss. As others have also noted, the game can be a bit heavy on the dialogue, but it's easier to skip through in this game than in the prior Paper Mario game.

The storyline is fun. I appreciated the incorporation of multiple dimensions into the storyline, paralleling the multiple dimensions of gameplay. Great stuff. I also like that the Paper Mario games continue to introduce new villains and character types beyond the familiar Nintendo-created ones.

Intelligent Systems (the second-party developer responsible for this game) is proving to be an important part of the Nintendo brand. Apparently, this company designs much of the "middleware" used by Nintendo. They've also taken over development of the Mario Kart series, they produce the WarioWare games, they created Fire Emblem, and they made the Advance Wars series. With all of these great games, they're starting to give Nintendo's own developers and designers a run for their money. Great stuff.

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Mario isn't the only one flipping

posted by Saviour (MANCHESTER, CT) Dec 5, 2007

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What can I say about Super Paper Mario? Excellent? Fantastic? Incredible? find me some sort of word that combines all those and thats the words.

This game is beyond addicting and fun. Nothing pleases me more then being able to use my own thinking power as well as Bowser's raw fire-breathing power, Peach's glide, and Luigi's Super Jump.

The characters (with the expection of one) where every bit as lovable as the next, evil or good. there really no side quests other then collecting the cards and getting all the pixils, but the storyline, the music where all fantastice regardless of how childish it may look.

My sister isn't into games but she couldn't put this one down when she gave it a whirl. The music really did me good, in a sense, I hope theres a soundtrack somewhere.

To some people the odd assortment of colors may freak people out but can be forgiven added they also had they're playful charm.

There is honestly nothing bad I can say about this game, its impossible to dislike.

That'll do Plummer, that'll do...

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