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Super Monkey Ball Adventure


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Going to Zootopia or Moonhaven

You will start outside barbecuing bananas, when an air glider crashes. The warning bell starts ringing. Run directly into the yellow flower in front of you to bounce up. Pass the person with the balloon and Papa (the person that talks to you immediately). He tells you to go to the king. Go straight and pass the person with the hat. You must jump on the flowers and keep going to the left. Run up the small hill and fall off. You should land near a sign with a tree on it. Pass the sign and exit the area. Go down the path. You should find a Nayslayer. It will spin around. When it stops, ram into it. Then, the soldier will talk to you. He will tell you about the puzzle realms (or something similar). Complete three puzzles and the gate opens. Keep going straight, and you will soon be in the king's area. Talk to him, then leave. Then, talk to people complete their challenges until the bells ring again. Go back to the king. You now have to find a prince and princess. If you get it wrong three times, the king will tell you the answer. After that, face the circle-shaped floor and go to your left. Go down, and you should see a monkey in a space suit. He will tell you more chants. You can then go to Zootopia or Moonhaven.