Rent Super Mario World: Advance 2 for GBA
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Super Mario World: Advance 2

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Gameplay Controls

Super Mario World: Advance 2

Control Pad Left/Right = Move left/right, Up = Enter doors, move across the map, make menu selections
A Button Swim or jump. Descend slowly with the Cape. Fly with Yoshi. Confirm menu selections
B Button Speed up or carry items. Spin with the Cape. Control flight with the Cape. Punch while hanging from wire fences. Make Yoshi eat and / or spit out enemies. Throw fireballs. Cancel menu selections.
L Button + Up or Down = View more of the world map. Check the entire world map. Shift the board to the right on the Results screen.
R Button Spin jump. Jump off Yoshi's back. Switch between Mario and Luigi on the Map screen. Shift the board to the left on the Results screen.
Start/Pause Pause midgame (You can save the Pause Screen). Confirm menu selections. Select = Use reserve items. Switch between the Map and Results screens. Make menu selections.