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Super Mario Sunshine

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Gameplay Controls

Super Mario Sunshine

Control Stick Move Mario
A Button Jump, Swim faster
B Button Talk, Pick Up, Dive
Y Button Fix the camera directly over Mario's shoulder.
Z Button Guidebook
L Button Center camera behind Mario.
C Stick Change camera position
Start/Pause Pause game.
Combo #1 Cotrol Stick + A + A + A: Triple Jump
Combo #2 Rotate Control Stick + A: Spin Jump
Combo #3 A Button followed by L: Ground Pound
Combo #4 Control Left + Control Right + A: Side Sommersault
Combo #5 A + Control Stick towards wall: Wall Kick
Combo #6 A + B: Body Slam
Combo #7 Control Stick + B: Slide
Combo #8 Control Stick, B, A: Front Sommersault

Control Stick Direct flow of water
X Button Switch Nozzles
R Button Squirt/ Press and hold down for Blast Off with Rocket Nozzle/ Press and hold down for Turbo Nozzle/ Press while in water to fill up Fludd
Combo #1 Rotate Control Stick + R Button: Sprinkler Squirt
Combo #2 R + A: Back Sommersault
Combo #3 L Button + Control Stick Up and Down: Tilt Nozzle
Combo #4 L Button + Control Stick Left and Right while holding down R Button: Slide Squirt

A Button Grab/Jump and Hang (near a rope or cliff's edge)
B Button Let Go/Hang
Combo #1 While Hanging, Press R Button to spin then press A to let go: Super Whirl Jump

Control Stick Move
A Button Saddle Up/Jump
B Button Swallow Enemies/Fruit
X Button Dismount
R Button Spit Juice
Combo #1 A + L Button: Ground Pound