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Super Mario Sunshine

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Very Good

There are some bad thing in the game

posted by BluePsycho (GLENWOOD, MD) Jul 13, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

First off, moving the camera is like moving a stick of butter. you cant keep it to where you want it. second, the jump kicks are hard to master and if your a n00b, you wont master it any time soon. there are a lot of problems, but you can find them all by yourself, OK?

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posted by zerokilla1 (WEST SALEM, WI) Jul 11, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

the reason i gave it an 8 is cause the water runs out to fast but i still prefer it to anyone who likes mario or even koopa kid.

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It could have been better but...

posted by Lunarhippy (FLUSHING, NY) Jul 5, 2006

Member since May 2006

This game was fun, period. It wasn't anything groundbreaking but it was very fun to play. The gameplay is very unique and easy to just pick up and play but i felt I needed a little more from the choices with the water gun thing. The levels are very wacky and the graphics are nice but they're all kiddie, bubbles, flowery, happy. The CAMERA however is a whole different story. I spent 10 minutes on a simple jumping puzzle because the camera acted weirder (they won't let me say the R word) than Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore. Okay, weirder than Adam Sandler in ANY movie (including Spanglish). Seeing how multiplayer would've been so much fun in this game it's nothing more than a 7 rating. It's worth a rent...

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