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Super Mario Sunshine

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Sonic-like level

Once unlocked use the super fast jet thing and smash into the door with the two police men who are guarding it once done you should be in a sonic like level oh and don't stop using the jet thing if you want to complete the level (at the end there is a shine sprite).

Beat Sandbird

Get the seven red coins first, then when he turns sideways there will be a bump on his wing. Get on it and wait there until it goes back to normal and get the eighth coin on top tower.

Beat Blooper

To beat the Blooper use water on him. He'll attack you with his tentacles. Jump on the tentacle and grab it. Do this to each tentacle and then grab his mouth. Do this two times and he dies.

Sleeping Mario

When playing the game, don't play the game and Mario will fall asleep.

How to avoid dying

When you are going to die (except falling) pause your game and choose EXIT AREA. You will be teleported to the beginning of that particular level.

Select files with moves

When you are selecting a file you can do a Spin Move and the Side Jump to get onto the blocks.

How to dive

Go get the rocket nozzle(red box)and rocket up to the top of the shine gate. Now jump off in to the water while holding in B (red button).

Blue coin

If you use the underground tunnel you can go through a house with a blue coin.

Where are the secret levels

After almost every obstacle course, there is secret level in which you go to the obstacle course and Ground Pound a red button to find eight Red Coins in a certain amount of time.

Get easy lives

Whenever you complete a level, go to the water directly next to where the boats go in and out. Dive all the way to the bottom and you will see a 1-Up Mushroom. Whenever you return from a level or start from the beginning, it will be there.

Get extra stars on secret levels

After you complete a secret level, go back to that episode and replay the secret level. This time there will be a red hump on the ground. Ground Pound it and get the red coins. There will be a time limit, but you have FLUDD to help you.

Clean easily

Instead of taking a bath each time Mario gets dirty, do one or two spin jumps.

Jump onto buildings

Use a Ground Pound on a manhole cover then immediately jump up. This will send you high into the air. Use a Hover Nozzle to get on the building. REMEMBER: Some items, such as Shine Sprites and Blue Coins, can be found on roofs.

Top of the shine gate

Go to the Shine Gate early and go the back by the volcano jump off the back of the gate and use the hover nozzle to get up by the master shine sprite now it gets hard from here, do the quick-turn jump and hover up to the top. And your at the top of the shine gate!

Jump higher

Run in one direction, then turn in the other direction quickly enough so that Mario stirs some dirt up. Then, jump immediately in the air. Mario will jump higher and do some flips.

Cover more area with your FLUDD

Jump three times to do a forward somersault. As you roll, shoot your Nozzle Cannon and spray a long distance in front, behind, and below you.

Spray birds

There are birds in almost every level in the game. Spray a green bird for a Yellow Coin, a blue bird for a Blue Coin, and a yellow bird for a Shine Sprite.

Select files with moves

Choose a file and do a Spin Move and the Side Jump to get onto the blocks.

Shine sprite

In mission three Sirena beach go in the washrooms on the bottom floor and use the one to the left. Go to the last stall and get on the toilet and jump up. You should be in a room with a picture on one of the walls. You then spray the picture for a while and you should hear a sound and then jump through it. Once you're in the next room go to the end of it and you should see a giant closet. Next you spray each part of the closet until its a full boo picture and then you can go through it. In the next room you will see a hole in the ceiling and some pink boos. You then spray the boos and jump on them to get through the ceiling. When ur in the next room u will see some shelves and you spray one and then go under it to go to the next room. In the next room there is a boo picture and if you spray it you can go through it and get a blue coin. When you go back through the picture to get to the other room you should a tile that is a different color than the others. You then do a groundpound on it to go to another room. In that room you should see some boxes and one of them should have a pineapple in it. Once you have the pineapple go through the door and go back to the bottom floor to feed to Yoshi. Then go to the top floor and their should be a door open and enter it. Jump on the ben to go into a hole in the ceiling to go to a maze and use yoshi to eat the big boos and then you have to find a crack in the floor and do a groundpound through it to get into the pool and then get the shine sprite.

How to get blue coins easy with yoshi

Make yoshi eat a blue bird and you will automatically get a blue coin.

Hint Guy takes notice

At bianco hills first episode, complete it but don't get the shine sprite.instead, go halfway to petey pirahna and this guy will ask you " aren't you going a little ahead of yourself?"

Octopus Race

When you do the octopus race to get there on time jump over the last two walls and you will get there on time. Then you will get your star.


Throughout the game, you'll see some birds flying in the sky. You can get stuff by either spraying them with water or eating them with yoshi. The things you get from the birds depend on the color of the bird itself. Green birds will give you yellow coins. Blue birds will give you blue coins. Red birds (Found in a couple of levels) will give you red coins. Yellow birds will give you shine sprites.

Dirty Lake's Secret Blue Coin Location

There is a blue coin that appears only in the Dirty Lake level. Some people tell me that they are missing only one more blue coin and they looked everywhere for it. Not a lot of people find this blue coin because they never expect to find it under the dirty lake. The blue coin is underwater, under the dirty lake. Many people think that going underwater in the dirty lake will kill them. But it doesn't. You're safe underwater (except that you need air). But you'll get hurt if you're swimming in it. A blue coin is underwater in the dirty lake on the left side of the windmill that is found at the end of a trail of yellow coins.

Different Ending

If you beat the game, the ending will show el pantissimo inspecting the paintbrush. If you beat the game 100% (all 120 shine sprites and beat Bowser) then the ending will show all of the characters in the game. You will also get a T-shirt with shine sprites all over it that Mario will wear.