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Super Mario Sunshine

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Sprinkler water spray:

To execute the Sprinkler Water Spray easily, do a Spin Jump and hold R.

  • Spin Jump and hold R
    Sprinkler water spray
Spinning jump:

After jumping, you can do a spin by rotating the Analog-stick once in a circle.

  • Rotate the Analog-stick once in a circle
    Spinning jump
Yoshi's spritzer squirt:

Enter the code.

  • Press R, then press A.
    Yoshi's spritzer squirt
Avoid losing health when falling:

When falling from high places, press L to do a Ground Pound. This will make you fall very fast and not lose health.

  • L
    Avoid losing health when falling
How to swim faster:

When swimming, switch to your hover and press R. It will give you a little boost while swimming

  • R
    How to swim faster