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Super Mario Galaxy


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Gameplay Controls

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Super Mario Galaxy
Control Stick
Control Pad
Change Camera View
A Button
Confirm. Jump. Speak. Read. Swim. Grab a Pull Star.
B Button
Shoot Star Bit. Cancel Command.
- Button
Pause Menu
+ Button
Pause Menu
Grab Star Bits
C Button
Camera Reset
Z Button
Crouch. Dive.
Spin. Activate Object. Pick Up Object. Catch/Throw Object. Swing Up Vine.
Backward Somersault
Wall Jump
Face a wall and press A Button.
Side Somersault
While running, tilt the Analog Stick in the opposite direction and press the A Button.
Long Jump
While running, press the Z Button and then the A Button.
Ground Pound
Grab a Pole
Jump near a pole and press the A Button.
Fly (Bee Mario)
Move (Boo Mario)
Shake Wii Remote to become transparent. Float by repeatedly pressing the A Button.
Throw Fireballs (Fire Mario)
Aim/Use Cannon
Use Pull Star
Point at pull star, press and hold the A Button to draw yourself to the star. Press the A Button again to gently release yoursef, or press the Z Button to spin away quickly.
Use Bubbles
Enter bubble, point at the bubble from the other side of the direction you want to go and press the A Button to move the bubble. Press the Z Button to leave the bubble.
Use Rolling Ball
Jump on top of ball, then hold the Wii Remote upright. To move, tilt the Wii Remote in the direction you want to go.
Surf on a Ray
Press the A Button to move forward. Tilt the Wii Remote to move Left or Right. Shake the Wii Remote to make the ray jump.
Use Sling Pod
A Button
Make Mario Jump
B Button
Shoot Star Bits
Collect Star Bits
Stop Enemy
Make Mario Spin
Point at Mario in midair and press the A Button.
Powerful Jump
Point at Mario and press the A Button the same time as Player 1.