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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Collecting Bronze stars

You get a Bronze Star if you let Mario automatically complete the level after talking to Rosalina. These add to your star count but are Bronze and, thus, inferior.

Collecting Power stars

You get these massive stars for beating a boss. They count as a single gold star in your star count.

Collecting Prankster Comet stars

Collect a Comet Medal in a galaxy and a Prankster Comet will appear AT RANDOM later in the game. There is one Comet Medal per galaxy, but each galaxy does not necessarily have a Prankster Comet. Beat the prankster Comet Challenge - Daredevil Run, Purple Coin Challenge, Time Trial etc. - and you'll get a gold star.

Collecting Green stars

After collecting the first 120 stars in the game, beat the game again and several Green Stars will appear in each of the galaxies. Collect all of these and who knows what might happen?

Power Up: Fire Flower

Collect a Fire Flower and you'll be able to shake the Wii Remote to toss a fireball. These can be used to kill most enemies, break wood boxes and more. The effect wears off after a short period of time.

Co-op Mode

A second player can turn on a Wii Remote and help Mario. The second player can point the cursor at star bits to pick them up and also grab coins and powerups like 1-Ups with A. The second player can even grab purple coins and help out on those nasty Prankster Comets! Passing the second cursor over an enemy and pressing A will freeze it in place. This works on projectiles as well.

Refill Health

Mario's health is represented by a circle in the top right corner of the screen. At the start of a level, you have full health and each time you are hit, you lose 1/3 of your health. Lose all of your health and you'll be sent back to the beginning of the level or the last midway flag you touched. To refill your health you must collect coins. Each coin replenishes 1/3 of your health. You can get coins in most levels by busting blocks and "stomping" enemies -- jumping on them and squashing them (or performing a ground pound). If you spin into an enemy to kill it you will NOT get a coin. You have a separate meter at the top of the screen that measures your life under water. When submerged, collect coins or swim through bubbles to fill this meter. Once it empties, your health will start decreasing until you die. The red and yellow Life Mushrooms that can often be found -- or purchased from Luma Shops -- near bosses increase your health to six units. The white and green 1-Up Mushrooms give you another life you can use to continue from a midway flag or the beginning of a level. If you lose all your lives, you will be reverted to the last save point (you automatically save after each star you gather, so don't worry about your progress!). Each time you start a game you'll start with 4 lives. You cannot save your life count.


If you die many times in a row on a galaxy (the count varies from galaxy to galaxy), a sparkling female form will appear. This is the silhouette of Rosalina, who will offer to show you how to complete the level. You can watch Mario complete the level and collect a Bronze Star. This star still adds to your overall star count, but it's bronze and not gold. Not cool. There are green signposts located throughout the galaxies that can show you a video of certain moves and techniques as well.

Collecting Gold stars

There are several "standard" gold stars to collect in each galaxy. Use these to purchase access to new areas on the map.

Collecting Hidden stars

Hidden Stars don't make themselves apparent on you star select screen.

Power Up: Cloud Mario

As Cloud Mario you can spin to create clouds right under your feet. You can create up to three clouds after collecting one flower. For more clouds, you need another flower. The clouds disappear after a while so beware. Cloud Mario "floats" a bit when jumping and spinning. Take special care around water, since even shallow pools will strip Cloud Mario of his power. Your unused clouds trail behind you so you can keep track of how many you have at all times.

Power Up: Rock Mario

When powered up by the Rock Mushroom, Rock Mario is able to transform into a spinning boulder for a few seconds when you shake the Wii Remote. The boulder moves swiftly and is difficult to control. In boulder form you can smash through rocks and crystals and generally cause wonton destruction. Mario cannot stop once he's rolling until he hits something or the effect wears off. Beware: you can smash retaining fences and dash right off the edge of a cliff if you aren't careful!

Power Up: Spring Mario

With the Spring Mushroom you can jump extremely high at the expense of precise control over Mario. Spring Mario constantly moves and you'll have to use this momentum to your advantage. To jump in a given direction, make sure you are already moving in that direction first since you won't be able to control Mario in the air. Grab the Spring Mushroom and hop up the ramp to the launch star.

Power Up: Bee Mario

Bee Mario can fly for a short period of time. Your flight time is represented by a meter at the top of the screen. Touch down on a surface to recharge your meter OR collect coins to fill it in mid-air. Additionally, Bee Mario can tread on surfaces Mario cannot, like the clouds, blossoms and berries found in this level. Like Cloud Mario, you can lose this ability by touching water, so beware!

Power Up: Spin Drill

Pick up the Spin Drill and Mario will be able to tunnel through solid ground. Since you travel in a straight line, you'll need to plan your digging carefully.

Power Up: Boo Mario

Boo Mushrooms will transform you into Boo Mario. Boo Mario can float indefinitely. Tap A repeatedly to float upwards. If you shake the Wii Remote, Boo Mario will turn transparent. Use this power to pass through certain grates and walls. You can also use this to pass through enemies, but it's a risky maneuver that we don't recommend. It's best to just pas around them. Knocking into walls will send you rebounding off them, often into enemies, so be careful. If you get hit, you'll lose the power.

Mario Move: Long jump

Run, press Z to crouch and skid and quickly jump to perform this incredibly useful move. Use this to cross huge gaps.

Mario Move: Wall jump

Jump towards a wall and jump again to rebound off of it as you slide down. Repeatedly wall-jump to scale vertical areas.

Mario Move: Triple jump

Run and jump, then jump again as soon as you touch down for a double jump. Jump once again with your momentum intact to perform a triple jump - Mario will flip in the air.

Mario Move: Spin

Shake the Wii remote to spin to stun enemies and break open stuff.

Mario Move: Star bit shot

You can shoot a star bit at an enemy to stun it. Simply point the Wii Remote cursor at the enemy and fire. You must collect star bits in a galaxy before you can fire them.

Mario Move: Ground pound

Jump and then press Z in the air to perform a ground pound. This smashes enemies with added "oomph."

Yoshi's infinite flutter jump

Hold A to jump, and before finishing the fluttering (while still holding A), press Z to crouch mid-air. Quickly release A, then press A again, and repeat. This may require some practice. This move will allow you to slowly go anywhere.

1-Up Mushrooms on Spaceship Mario

You can collect several 1-Up Mushrooms on Spaceship Mario. As you collect stars, the following 1-Up options will appear on Spaceship Mario. * Grab Yoshi off of the "nose" and use the star pegs to swing up to a hidden island with 10 fruit. Eat them all for a 1-Up. * Grab a Cloud Flower and make platforms to reach a 1-Up on a cloud high above. * Spin into the random item block for a chance at a 1-Up. * Near Mario's left ear (your right) is a warp pipe that takes you to a 1-Up minigame. Feed the Luma to spin a number of random item blocks for a chance to win 1-Ups.

Super Ground Pound

Jump, shake the Wii-Remote to spin and QUICKLY press Z to perform a super ground pound. This move will allow you to hone-in on enemies below you; a heat-seeking butt-stomp, if you will.

Co-Op Sound Effects

In co-op mode, player 2 can press any button to make wacky sound effects! UP, DOWN, LEFT, AND RIGHT will make sound effects on the 1st player's Wii-Mote while -, +, 1, and 2 will make sound effects on the 2nd player's.

Mario Move: Side flip

Run one direction and press jump just as you reverse directions to perform a side flip. Use this for an extra high jump.

Mario Move: Back flip

Stand still, press Z to crouch and then jump to perform a back flip. Use this for an extra high jump.

Control Luigi

Collect "The Flotacious Blimp Fruit" star in the Tall Trunk Galaxy to be able to talk to Luigi at the beginning of certain levels and control him.

Infinite lives

In Supermassive Galaxy after the mid-way point of the "Huge Trouble With Big Wigglers" level, there are three giant Koopa Troopas in a cylindrical area. Once you reach the area, run to the right and perform a Long Jump to land over the giant Koopa’s shell. Gradually keep moving right (you can release A) to keep jumping on top of the Koopa’s shell and getting extra lives. You can get 99 lives in approximately two minutes. Another way to get infinite lives in the "Huge Trouble With Big Wigglers" level in Supermassive Galaxy is by going to the 1UP Mushroom floating above the gap between the "Tip Network TV" block and the next block. Long Jump over this gap to collect the 1UP, and then Long Jump back and speak to the TV. The TV will show you how to perform the Long Jump through a short "Tip Network" video. Once the video is finished, the 1UP mushroom will appear again. Collect the 1UP, and talk to the TV, it the 1UP will appear again. Repeat this as many times as desired.