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Super Mario Advance

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

In-game reset

Push Select + Start + A + B while playing the game.

Suspend game

Push Select + R while playing the game to suspend the game without turning it off. Push Select + L to resume.

Deleted saved game

Press and hold L + R + Select + Start + A + B and power on the system. Keep the buttons held until you are prompted to delete the existing game.

Yoshi mode

After finishing the entire game of Super Mario Brothers 2 you will unlock Yoshi mode You do not need all the red coins. In Yoshi mode, you must find two Yoshi eggs hidden behind the potion doors. There are two eggs for each stage.

Bald Birdo

Get to a part in the game where you fight Birdo. Jump on her head and press B, as if you were picking a vegetable. You will pick up her Bow. You can either throw it at her, which causes it to appear back on her head, or throw it off the edge or something so she is bald.

Free hearts

Find a giant enemy and throw them. Do not through them off a ledge or into an enemy. A heart will pop out of them. You can do this as many times as needed if you do not kill them.

Super Jump

In Mario Bros. Classic, you still have the Super Jump from the other game. Hold Down until you start to flash, then press A. Get on Yoshi, then jump off him to get higher.

Pick up POW block

In Mario Bros. Classic, go on top of a POW block press B.