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Super Mario Advance 4

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The perfect game

posted by Falcon4 (FRESNO, CA) Jul 5, 2008

Member since May 2008

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If there's one thing the Mario games got right, it's the controls. Modern games are so impossible to control, it totally ruins the fun of the game. Come on, a 3-dimensional game with joystick-like controls? It just doesn't work! Too bad everything is 3D these days!

And SMA4/SMB3 is just the perfect ground. As most people would know, it's a simple 2D platformer - -the- original and best platformer ever. For SMA4, they took SMB3 and filled in its deficiencies from the almost unplayable (by today's standards) original from the NES, and added pretty much every possible new feature without affecting the gameplay in the slightest.

Well - almost. It seems like Nintendo poured a little too much effort into their E-Reader campaign. There are a lot of little curious option submenus about "cards" in this game. What's wrong with that is that the GBA doesn't even have an E-Reader built in, so why does Nintendo hard code that into their game? It's just sitting there laughing at me, like "ha-ha, you don't have an E-Reader, you can't enjoy the full game". Kinda stinks, in my opinion... -shrug-

Awesome new features for the GBA include micro-saves, where you can save your exact position to be restored once; game saves, a la Super Mario World on SNES; standby mode, for "I uh, I wasn't doing anything!"; and many more sounds and improved music. It's the perfect SMB3 experience and it really shows off what that old GBA can do!

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Very Good

Great game, but the review

posted by regguy43 (BARRINGTON, RI) Jul 11, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

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I love this game a lot, just a good simple mario game, but it's just so frustrating!!!!!!!

Like i've owned the game for six years and i got used to it, but for the first 2 and a half years playing that game, i was so frustrated because it's like theres actully someting wrong with my GBA, beacause when i jump on a ledge or try to jump on someones head (ect. it just doesn't work and i die!!!!!

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as sweet as pie

posted by pizzaboy (ANCHORAGE, AK) Jun 17, 2007

Member since Jun 2006

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Tis game rocks, it is the same game that's on the NES. It rocks! If you love Mario games buy this trust me.

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