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Very Good

A great rent.

posted by Gojirarules9310 (DURHAM, NC) Jan 6, 2012

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Ok, I just have to say this right off the bat. If your looking for a DBZ game that's like the Budokai, Budokai Tenkaichi, Burst Limit, or Raging Blast series, YOU HAVE COME TO THE WRONG PLACE. This game is not to be even remotely compared to those games. It's based off of a Japanese DBZ Arcade Game, and has nothing to do with those series' at all. This is a wonderful title if your not comparing it to those games, and in fact, I would compare this more to the Street Fighter series (Down+Forward+Punch=KAMEHAMEHA/HADOUKEN!!!!).

Now, expect to lose a lot in this game, especially in the survivor mode, however, if you put enough time and effort, you can create a truly MONSTER version of your fave character(Overpowered Goku in a black gi FTW).

The roster is small, but the editions of Chi-Chi and King Piccolo are welcomed, and I had a blast owning Cell or Majin Buu with Goku's crazy biatch of a wife. I admit, the roster could have stood for some more characters, but the characters they DO have are worthwhile and fun, you even get to play as Ultimate Gohan with the Z sword!

Overall, if your looking for a good and different DBZ game that's not the same dang beat 'em up like the Budokai series, this is a great rent. If your renting this game expecting budokai/tenkaichi action, prepare to be disappointed, and I expect to see your negative review here, and I will laugh at you, just like I laughed at all the other negative reviews of this game.

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Dragon Ball Z

posted by Blockos (NEWPORT COAST, CA) Jul 14, 2007

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Great. Just like any of the others

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Above Average

Super DBZ is Super Boring

posted by IH8MYSELF (Winnemucca, NV) Aug 20, 2006

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Super DBZ looked to be really fun once I opened it up, but I soon found that I really didn't like the lack of depth in the game. All the previous DBZ fighters had tons of fighters to choose from, and although many weren'r very well balanced, there were tons of options. The fighting mechanics are more traditional to games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, but that's why I hate this game. I liked the alternative fighting systems of the previous games that allowed for fast paced non-stop fights that required a whole new type of strategy. Playing Super DBZ I just Dash toward my opponent until I connect, then perform a weak melee combo, ended with a special move 1/4 rotation move that may or may not land. Man I hate that stuff. The graphics are decent for cell shading, but I think they could have done better. Over all I'd much rather play Budokai than this game.

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