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Better than no Dodgeball

posted by dabluesman (ALEXANDRIA, VA) Jun 1, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

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I have to say, that Super Dodgeball was one of my all time favorite games for the NES. When I saw this game come out for DS, man I was excited. I knew that as long as they kept the gameplay the same, then any "improvements" they would try to make would just be icing on the cake. And the new extras, like being able to do some limited River City Ransom fighting in the game, are actually good additions, especially since you can turn off this feature easily enough if you don't like it. Another new feature are the falling objects that rain down on you when someone gets their angel wings on (again, you can turn off this feature if you don't like your field all jumbled up). The best new feature, and the one that should have sent this game way over the top from the NES version, is the ability to gain experience points and money to but items. This feature is well implemented and makes the game a lot more interesting.

Here's the con. This game doesn't have the same gameplay. On the NES version, you could select the guy closest to the ball and start using him with just a push of the button. Now, this new version almost, but not quite, chooses which character you play on the field by what feels like randomness. This is especially evident when you try to use the 3 out of bounds guys on the other side. When the ball comes to the side, you have about 2 seconds of nothing at all before the AI finally gives you control over the nearest sideliner. By then, the guys that may have fallen have already gotten up and either run away or positioned themselves to catch the ball. In the NES version, this was prime time to score an extra couple of points of damage, possible the last couple of points of damage needed to finish off one of the opponents. Very disappointing, and severely takes away from what should have been a great blast from the past. Everything else is great, I just wished they wouldn't have messed up the gameplay like that.

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A good effort, but leaves you wanting more.

posted by MasuKshn (NEW ORLEANS, LA) Jun 5, 2008

Member since May 2007

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

This game looks great on paper. A 7 on 7 game of dodgeball with super attacks, decent looking animations, and special user-activated powers. But what you get is a shallow game that offers little else to keep you playing past the first few matches.

Super Dodgeball Brawlers tries to make itself a deep experience by allowing you to customize your own teams. You get to pick up players from all of the in-game teams in order to build a squad of super dodgeballers, but after that, there is little else. They allow you to pick your teams colors, but it is limited to very few shirt and shorts choices, and choosing your team's offensive/defensive formation is useless due to a clumsy AI which ignores it after the match starts.

The AI is another downside to this game. While you're always in control of whichever player has the ball, its when you go on defense that it falls apart. The opposing AI does little else than run up to the line and use special attacks, while your team mates make NO effort to move out of the way. They stand in the direct line of even the weakest shots. And when on offense, your opponents huddle together in one spot, making it nearly impossible to miss them. You'd think this is where the special powers would come into play, but they are as useless as your team mates. They rarely do anything more than give you tiny boosts and are timed. So if your opponents activate it, you can just hold the ball until it wears off.

The Tournament mode is just a shallow. You merely go from match to match with no consequence for losing. After each match, you are awarded cash to buy items from the shop. These items only serve to give your players boosts, but they are usually so small that they are meaningless.

In the end, the game is a great idea. It was just implemented wrong. Its worth playing a few times, but after that, you'll put it aside and forget about it.

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same old same old

posted by bigdog63 (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) Sep 24, 2010

Member since Aug 2006

their is very few things that are new in the game. their is one thing that is different in this game that i have noticed and that is that when you get enough stamina you get the option to use the power button that you have to push on the touch screen but other then that i haven't seen much of a difference. the career mode well their isn't one you play one tournament and that's it. i beat it in 10 minutes. it is still a fun game but after the first 10 15 minutes it gets old very fast. this is a fun game to rent but not to buy. i hope this was helpful.

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