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GF Rating


Excellent track simulator

posted by AndyZX (HALTOM CITY, TX) Jun 29, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

I'm going to start out by saying, I LOVE THIS GAME! But if you think that you're going to be able to pop this game in and play it like a car racer, you will be very unpleasantly surprised. It does a very good job of simulating the actions required of riding fast on a road course...go into a corner too hot and grab a handfull of brake and you're going down, too much gas on the exit and you highside, stay on the brakes too long going in and the front steps out on you. Alot of effort is required to get to learn the bike and the track before you can put in any half way decent times...just like real life. The average gamer is not going to be able to apreciate this game at all!! Even the average street rider won't be able to either IMO. But if you're a racer or do alot of trackdays you will at least be able to see the greatness in this game. The only down side to this game is the loading times, what a beating!

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GF Rating

Very Good

A nice upgrade/update to the previous SBK '08 game

posted by ChemiKaze (DALLAS, TX) Jul 12, 2010

Member since Dec 2007

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

This installment of the 2009 SBK season has surely been a long and delayed wait for North American SBK fans. If you are familiar with SBK then you should know this installment includes all new rides of Aprilia RSV 4 and the BMW S1000RR. In addition, this is the only game where you can get 2009 champion Ben Spies from Texas riding the all-new R1. (I know that you can also get Ben Spies on the limited edition SBK X but that's another story).

As a casual racing gamer that enjoys simulation titles, I find to enjoy SBK games over the MotoGP games. I found a sense of comfort after a bit of customization on the realism (driving aids) settings.

I agree with Gamespot's review that the training mode does not help and I agree that new players will have difficulty learning this game, but I assure you that if you learn a few basic principles of good motorcycle gaming habits, you will do well in this game. So far, I've only done a quick race and free practice on career on Real difficulty.. yet I can still win! Here are some tips:
1) Enter turns slowly and exit turns fast. (This is the hardest thing to do without minor adjustments during turn exits)
2) Tap brakes when leaned over to adjust racing lines.
3) Feather throttle when fully leaned over, especially when you turn traction control off.

Pros: Slightly different handling on different bikes; Better bike setups via Engineer by telling him your problems like "instability during turn exits"; More options to turn driving aids on/off; Realistic feel even on arcade settings; Good AI mechanics that respond to your actions.
Cons: Cannot change difficulty setting during career; No personalized character or multi-year advancement for career; Lack of force feedback on track bumps; generic atmosphere for different team pit boxes; Immediately on bike after falls.

Overall, I give the game an 8. I like that the game mechanics gives me a smooth racing feel and not a flicky game feel that the MotoGP series offers.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Could have been so much more

posted by OneEyeRed (PALISADES PARK, NJ) Jun 19, 2010

Member since Oct 2007

3 out of 7 gamers (43%) found this review helpful

The game had major potential but it was so sucked and drained out like a hoover vacuum. How games like Uncharted 1 & 2 can run seamlessly with no download data makes it inexcusable when it happens to other games. The save function was on a wonk overdrive and the game was constant load happy.

I have little patience today as I have been gaming for 35 years and stuff like this irritates me. As for the racing I thoroughly enjoyed it when I finally made it there. I gave this a 6

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GF Rating


Lacks speed and controls feel mushy

posted by ShagenBake (PARKER, CO) Jan 30, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

On my quest to find a motorcycle racing games that portrays the speed and real essence of the sport. This is one of the first ones that I have played in a while and although an older title I was hoping for something that represented those things. What I got was the typically mushy controls that seem to come with super bike type games. I feel like the speed of the sport is poorly represented. Although I imagine racing in real life requires a ton of smoothness I feel like it takes away from the potential feel of speed the game might have provided. Have to be honest I spent less than an hour with the game but that was enough to know that I did not want to spend much more time than that. I can't think of a better way to improve the controls as a hand held controller simply can't deliver the feel of a bike.

Bottom line is that I am hoping for something with the quality of Gran Turismo 5 and I have yet to find it and doubt it exist in the realm of motor cycle racing games. To be honest I think I would rather spend my time with GT5 or a more arcade style bike game.

Oh yeah, the audio of the bikes were terrible and the soundtrack was even worse.

I would say that you can leave this behind and maybe try one of the newer Moto GP games although I have played a few demos of those and was not super impressed either.

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GF Rating


super bike!

posted by geneUwine (NEWARK, DE) Dec 17, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

I have played many motorcycle games. This one is just as worse as the rest of them! The handling is terrible even if your a rookie rider. No motorcycle game i've played yet besides, Suzuki Racing Extreme for Dream Cast and the Road Rash series for Playstation. Has been a good play for a novice player. I guess ill keep trying to find the right one like the one that was for Dream Cast and Playstation years ago. But like the saying goes. They don't make things like they use to.

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