Rent Summoner: A Goddess Reborn for GC
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Summoner: A Goddess Reborn

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GF Rating

166 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Summoner: A Goddess Reborn

Control Stick Highlight options
Control Pad Highlight options, Cycle between status effects/resistances (Stat Screen), View moves/abilities (Skills Screen)
A Button Select option, Select character, AI mode (Stat Screen)
B Button Cancel, Return to previous menu
X Button Toggle stats (Equip Screen)
Y Button Show Item info (Equip Screen)
Z Button Cycle between characters, Cycle between item slots (Equip Screen), Cycle between party reserves/summons (Party Screen)
L Button Cycle between screens
R Button Cycle between screens

Control Stick Move selected character, Move character (in first person mode only)
Control Pad Right = Open Item/Skill menu, Down = Solo mode, Left = Switch characters, Up = Toggle map
A Button Look at object (When eye icon overhead), Open door (When door icon overhead), Talk to character (When mouth icon overhead), Use object (When hand icon overhead), Pull lever (When lever icon is overhead), Use teleporter (When teleporter icon is overhead)
B Button Attack
X Button Special attack
Y Button Use currently selected Skill/Spell/Item
Z Button Attack modifier, Toggle First Person Mode for ranged weapons
L Button Block/Attack Modifier
R Button Press and hold on to Target, Press quickly to center camera
C Stick Rotate/Zoom camera, Look (in first person mode only)
Start/Pause Main Menu