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Great game, but not like the other Suikodens.

posted by InfySpawn (ATLANTA, GA) Jun 13, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

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Suikoden IV is a great game, but is almost nothing like the other Suikoden games. Suikoden IV allows you to choose from 108 stars of destiny (most are playable characters, but some are just support characters) just like the other games do.

In this game, the battling style is turn based and you fight using 4 characters at a time (in the other releases, you fight using 6). Later on in the game, you'll be able to create another team that you can switch with during battle. The story of the game is deep and will keep you hooked throughout the game. Suikoden IV has great co-op attacks between 2-4 characters and powerful rune spells. Though the story is enough to keep you playing all the way through, it also has great mini games such as duels and ship battles. Suikoden IV is an easy game to learn to play. You'll pick up how to use the spells and the other general details about the game quickly.

Though there are many great features about this game, there are also many flaws. First, you will spend a good majority of your game time traveling by boat from island to island (and this can be a real pain because you'll battle enemies none stop while trying to get to the next town), and it can be a pain to locate each town because they don't provide you with a lot of detail as to where the towns are. Also, the main character doesn't say q word the entire game. While everyone else is chatting away in the cut scenes, he remains silent.

You'll find this game to be one of your favorites if your new to Suikoden. If your a Suikoden fan, then you may not like this game as much because it's so different from the previous releases, but it's still worth playing.

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Suikoden IV

posted by hens1974 (ADA, OK) May 5, 2008

Member since Feb 2006

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I have always thought the Suikoden series was good and this proved to good as well. I always like the idea of not having 2 change your weapon but just taking it 2 a smith was a good idea. The 2 points i have trouble with are: (1) controlling the boat at see was annoying at times, (2) The high rate of random enemy encouters made me angry at times. I also wish then then u equipped a set of armor it would allow u 2 see what it looks like but overall it was a good game. I like this game as much as i liked III and V. Graphics were good as well so it was an enjoyable game overall!!

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Mostly Fun, Sometimes Not

posted by urbanguru (AUSTIN, TX) Mar 6, 2007

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I'm a big fan of the Suikoden series, so I was inclined to like the game before I ever started. For the most part, Suikoden IV met my expectations, but there were a few details that irritated me as a player.

Suikoden IV has many excellent features to recommend it which will be familiar to fans of the series. There are several neat mini-games to play, including a bizarre "confessional" game. The characters are all pretty interesting and a lot of fun to meet and get to know.

I do have a few complaints about the game, though.

My biggest complaint is that sea-travel (the primary means of transportation in the game) takes way too long with too many random battles to fight through. You can literally spend an hour just trying to get from one island to the next. It was tedious, boring, and frustrating. Fortunately, you will encounter a playable character that makes instant transportation between islands possible and the game smooths out alot after she joins you.

Second, there were times in the game where I had no idea what was supposed to be done next. At several points in the game I wandered around aimlessly searching for the plot thread to get back on track.

Finally, the story seems unfinished. I didn't bother to find all 108 stars, and that may have something to do with it. However, when the ending came, I was caught be surprise. It was abrupt and not very satisfying.

And although just a minor detail, I did not like the way the main character looks. He has a very bland expression of generic anger, and he runs funny. It looks goofy, like he's constantly trying to find a bathroom before he wets his pants. I don't know what to make of that.

Although a good game overall, Suikoden III was much better than IV. Even so, Suikoden IV is not to be missed if you are a fan of series.

Now go play.

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