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Suffering: Ties That Bind


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Same Old, Same Old...

posted by MADDOG7 (PORTALES, NM) Nov 10, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

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I had a lot of mixed feelings about Ties That Bind. Though it may still have the great shoot em up game play that its predecessor did, there are still some issues that keep this game from greatness.
Like the previous game, the ending you get will depend on your actions throughout the course of the game. Also the same is that you can change into a monster when you kill enough enemies. What's new is that the way you played through the first game will have an effect on the beginning of the second game and your monster changes depending on your actions as you progress. Instead of taking place in a prison on an isolated island, Ties That Bind takes place in Baltimore. There's also a military/research organization called the Foundation that tries to study the creatures and also tries to capture Torque for study regarding the relationship between Torque and the monsters. You have a much wider arsenal of weapons to choose from this time around including machine guns, RPGs, grenade launchers, and a number of different types of pistols, sub machine guns, and shotguns. The graphics have also improved over the last game. Some of the monsters you encounter will be new and others are from the first Suffering. The only two major changes to game play are that you can only carry two weapons at a time (like Halo) and that the health system has changed. Instead of having a supply of up to nine health bottles that you can use at any time to heal like the first game, you heal automatically when you run into a health bottle. This is one of the biggest issues I have with the game. If your health is almost full and you want to conserve health bottles, you have to try to avoid picking them up. This can sometimes be difficult to do, especially if you're in the middle of combat. Overall, Ties That Bind doesn't do much to improve upon the first game, but if you liked the Suffering, then you will like The Suffering: Ties That Bind.

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More Disturbing Then Scary

posted by adultGamer (KELLER, TX) May 29, 2006

Member since Dec 2003

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I enjoyed this game but it's very psychologically disturbing. This game is NOT for kids and teens.

The game stay fresh because the game play changes from time to time. The real trick to playing this game is knowing when to use your characters psycho powers which turns him into a big raging beast that can easily slice through enemies.

Also, your choices affect your psycho special attack. Will you play as good, evil or neutral? The choice is yours. To play as good, only kill the monsters and help the other characters in the game. This is the hardest way to play. Play as evil is easy, kill everyone. Play as neutral, don't kill the other characters in the game and don't help them.

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sweet game

posted by sethy5 (BLUFFTON, OH) Mar 21, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

this the best game ever u need to get more please it is so beast make more people love this game they will buy it if they dont i will ok so get more !!!!!!!!

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